IAABO Officials’ School @ Albright College
July 21-23, 2023
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42nd Year of IAABO Officials Schools

This summer, IAABO will be hosting an officiating school with the goal of “professional improvement”. The desire to improve must always be present if one wants to achieve success as an official. Over the past nine decades the many and varied continuous education materials and officials’ schools, which IAABO provides, have assisted thousands of new and veteran officials learn and refine their skills. IAABO Schools are designed to provide officials who have a wide variety of ability and experience with the individual attention to meet her/his specific needs. The focal points of each school are the review of rules, mechanics, signals and professionalism. Each official can expect to receive quality instruction both in the classroom and on the court. At IAABO Schools, officials receive instant feedback, including video, which can be incorporated as an evaluative tool.   
The Director of the IAABO Officials’ School is Layne Drexel, IAABO Co-Coordinator.  Layne will be assisted by the some of the top clinicians from IAABO.  IAABO Officials’ Schools are dedicated to improving the officiating skills of the men and women who enroll. The program will be designed to benefit those who wish to embark on a career in officiating as well as those who seek refinement of their skills. Classroom sessions will cover all aspects of officiating with presentations, films, workshops and testing. Each official will receive a certificate denoting completion of the course of study provided by the IAABO Officials’ school. Only high school rules and mechanics will be taught and used.

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