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IAABO is introducing an on-line instructional program for use by local boards if they wish.  This program can be used to eliminate or reduce losing those prospective officials by not requiring them to wait to start the process.
This is a strictly a voluntary program for local boards wishing to take advantage of this innovative idea developed by IAABO.
The candidate would contact the participating local board and/or IAABO directly to enroll. IAABO and/or the local board will approve each candidate individually.
FEES - There is a $50 fee for the program payable by the candidate directly to IAABO thru PayPal or by check. This will cover the cost of our handbook, the exam and the access to the on line-course. Upon successfully passing the test, the candidate will be obligated to pay full dues to the local board, including IAABO dues the same as any member.
TEST - Regardless of when the candidate enrolls in the on-line program, the course must be completed and the exam taken by June 30.
The on-line test time will be 60 minutes and is closed book. Boards can also offer an in-person proctored exam in lieu of the on-line exam.  A second opportunity to pass the test will be offered for those who qualify.  Safeguards have been implemented to ensure the course cannot be printed and password protected for each participant.
The Floor Test would be given by the local board using their standard protocol and procedure.
If your board is interested in participating in the course, please send an email message to iaabo@iaabo.org and provide your name, board number, and a cell phone.  The enthusiasm expressed at the Fall Seminar was great, we feel it is worth a try as many boards would like to increase their numbers. Let’s keep looking forward.
2019 IAABO Spring Meeting
The IAABO Spring Meeting will be held at the Claridge Hotel in beautiful Atlantic City, New Jersey.  The meeting dates are April 24-28, 2019.  It is now time to make your room reservations.  Room rates are as follows:  Wednesday (4/24) and Thursday (4/25) -  $110.00; Friday (4/26) - $139.00; and Saturday (4/27) - $149.00.  For reservations, please call the hotel at 1-844-AC-IS-FUN or online at www.claridge.com, using the code:  GIAABO.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in Atlantic City.
to former IAABO Board 70 PA member, Ashley Moyer-Gleich, who has been hired as a new guest official for the upcoming NBA season (2018-2019)
Recently, the Co-Coordinators of Interpreters were asked a question about administrative technical fouls and how many could be assessed to a Team for scorebook infractions during the course of a game.
It is an important question! As most officials know, schools struggle to get competent people to become official scorers, timers and other table personnel.  In many of the lower level games, officials are often faced with the prospect of having teenagers and/or parents who might not have a great deal of familiarity with the game of basketball or keeping the scorebook.
Officials quickly learn that this lack of experience can derail even the best of games with confusion and unnecessary delays dealing with scorebook issues. Officials can’t necessarily solve all the table problems, but we can take steps to ensure the proper submission of rosters and starters are properly designated before the game begins.
Whether it is a Crew of 2 or a Crew of 3,  at the 12 minute mark in pre-game warm-ups the Referee should make their way across the court to the scorer’s and timer’s table. (Manual pg. 11, 100) The Referee should take his/her time to create a comfort level with table personnel and emphasize their importance as part of the officiating team. 
It is at this time that the Referee needs to ensure the correct roster information is provided to official scorer.  It is important to note that this information does not need to be recorded in the scorebook by the 10-minute mark. It is merely each team’s responsibility to supply the scorer with the name and number of each team member who may participate and designate the five starting players at least 10 minutes before the scheduled starting time. (10-1-1) If each team has access to this information they will have the information needed to decide their defensive assignments and determine their strategy for the game.
By heading to the table at the 12-minute mark, it gives the Referee some time to work with the scorer to understand exactly what information has been provided and subsequently with each team’s head coach if issues arise.  But despite our best efforts, there will be times when scorebook errors occur and officials need to have an understanding of the rules should penalties need to be assessed.  Click here to view the remainder of this article.
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RefQuest Enhancing Your Game
RefQuest is an online platform for high school and small college basketball officials. It was developed for basketball officials, by basketball officials. The creation of RefQuest provides a resource for referees to collaborate. This technology has been advanced by the RefQuest visionaries and utilizes world-class programmers who have made the platform user friendly, intuitive and provide unmatched value.

A Partnership to Maximize Membership Benefits

IAABO and RefQuest

Clip. Post. Engage.

Access to RefQuest gives you the ability to download the RefClip Program
  • Easily clip and name your plays.
  • Upload them to the RefQuest site for easy sharing.
  • Use hotkeys for quick film navigation.
Simple and Intuitive. You receive access for the duration of your RefQuest membership!
Long-Time IAABO Member Dave Simon Pens Third Book
Long-time IAABO member and writer for SPORTORIALS, Dave Simon, recently penned and published his third book. Simon has been an IAABO member since 1984 and written for SPORTORIALS for 29 years. "Tales of Cycling Nomad 1982," published by Orange Hat Publishing, chronicles his 3,500+ mile journey on a bicycle across North America in 1982. 
Autographed copies of the book are available by contacting Dave by email at davidsimon15@hotmail.com. Copies can also be ordered through Amazon or Barnes and Noble. 
Previously, Simon wrote "Whistle in a Haystack" with Rick Hartzell, which details stories and insights from Hartzell's DI men's basketball officiating career. Simon is also the author of "Bad Golf," a humorous take on why golfers punish themselves playing the game.
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IAABO watch and gift sets are now available at a special price of $99.95.  To order your watch and gift set, please contact Donnie Eppley@ 717.713.8129 or email:  eppleyd@comcast.net
Thanks to everyone who participated in the annual Officials vs. Cancer campaign that was held during the past year.  Donations are still being accepted.  To make a donation, please send your check or money order to your board Point of Contact or mail it directly to:  Officials vs. Cancer, P.O. Box 355, Carlisle, PA  17013. 
To make a donation online, click on the following URL:  www.main.acsevents.org/officialsvscancer
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Game Tracker Journal
You have likely heard the saying, “a goal without a plan is just a wish,” and this age-old adage rings so true for all people pursuing all types of endeavors.
And for basketball officials embarking on the 2017-2018 season absent a basic strategy on how to achieve a stated desire -- a better schedule; advancement to the next level -- you are in a rudderless boat on an open sea hoping the winds of fate blow you to your destination.
Seeking officiating success described in this manner seems laughable, but yet many officials take this approach with their beloved avocation.  
But Ref, don’t panic now...Help is on the way in the form of the new, and first of its kind, GameTracker Journal.  
This latest publication from long time IAABO members Billy Martin, Tim Malloy and Al Battista, the creators of Ref60.com, is an innovative tool that provides a template for every basketball official, at every level, to create your own realistic roadmap helping to guide you to your desired destination - one game at a time.
For more information on this GameTracker Journal tool visit www.Ref60.com/gametracker.
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