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IAABO Play of the Week
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IAABO Crew of Two
"Lead going Ballside"
When it comes to properly covering the court in a Crew of 2, both officials need to be active, quick to identify current and potential competitive match-ups and make effective position adjustments.
For the Lead official, one of the most important (and often under-utilized) floor mechanic to employ is going “ball side” when situations warrant.  Far too often, Lead officials get comfortable and will officiate an entire game without ever making this needed adjustment. 
Officials are reluctant to move across basket line as they feel vulnerable to quick ball reversals and possible infractions that could occur along “their sideline”.  However, to be effective, the Lead needs to make position adjustments along the endline using the A-B-C approach.
When the ball is wide along their sideline, they should stay wide in the “A” position.  As the ball moves into the mid-court area, the Lead should “mirror the ball” and close down toward the “B” position.  It should be noted, this close down could be impacted by match-ups in the Lead’s PCA.  If the Lead has an engaged match-up, they may not close down as much as they still want to be positioned in a manner that can maintain an “open look” at the match-up.
If no engaged competitive match-ups exist in the Leads PCA, then they should get to the “B” position at the free throw lane extended along the endline.  Unfortunately for many officials, they will officiate most of the game from this “B” position and miss out on opportunities to improve crew coverage.
So when should the Lead decide to go ball side? 
The Lead needs to be constantly scanning the court for the nearest competitive match-ups that they can cover.  They should do this with and “inside/out” approach.  Meaning they need to start with match-ups inside their PCA first.  That is always the priority for effective “off ball” coverage.  But if there are no engaged competitive match-ups within the Lead’s PCA, is stands to reason that the Trail official must have a lot of activity in their area.  This is when the Lead official should ask “How can I help?”
In the diagram above on the left side, The Trail has two important engaged competitive match-ups in their PCA.  One match-up has a ball handler and defender, while the other is an “off ball” match-up with two players in the low post.
So, how can the Lead help?
The answer is obvious, the Lead has an opportunity to improve crew coverage by taking the off ball match-up across the lane.
What if the Lead official officiated that match-up from the “B” position?
This would be a straight-lined angle and it would very difficult for the Lead to properly rule on contact between the offensive and defensive player.  Unfortunately, many officials choose to officiate this match-up from the “B” position.   It is clear the best decision for the Lead to make is to move across the lane to the “C” position and get an “open look” between the two post players.
On the right side of the diagram, the Trail once again has a ball handler/defender match-up along with a developing screening situation.  If the lead can recognize this potential “off ball” match-up quick enough, this also could be an opportunity to get “ball side” and help the Trail with court coverage.
There is no place in our game for Lead officials to be a “ball watcher” as doing so will be a huge barrier to properly covering the court in Crew of 2.   Lead officials need to be disciplined and take responsibility to properly focus on “off ball” match-ups when the ball is in the Trail’s PCA.    At times, this will require the Lead to look outside their PCA and help the Trail official.  If Lead officials can quickly recognize these opportunities and get confident in moving across the lane to the ball side, it should help be in better position to rule on “off-ball” activity.
Collegiate Men's Basketball Quiz
(Courtesy of Al Battista, Bd. 12 DC)
1. A1 is called for a common foul, and it is A5’s fifth personal foul. A1 properly leaves the game after receiving this fifth and disqualifying foul. Later in the game, A1 reports to the table to check back into the game. Neither the official scorer nor the officials recognize that A1 had previously been disqualified, and they allow A1 to re-enter the game. After a few minutes have run off the game clock and (a) after A1 had checked back out of the game, or (b) while A1 is still in the game, the scorer notifies the officials that A1 had been disqualified, but participated again in the game. What is the result?

2. A5 and B5 foul each other in the post simultaneously. Team A is not in the bonus. A5’s foul is a flagrant 1 personal foul. The following are true statements.
a. B5 will shoot two free throws and Team B will receive the ball at the point of interruption.  b. The game will continue with the AP Arrow and no free throws.
c. The game will continue from the point of interruption and no free throws.

3. Team A has the ball in its backcourt, and team B is in a full-court press. A1 has the ball and attempts a long pass to A2, who is near the free-throw line in team A’s frontcourt. The pass is not a good one, is not heading directly to A2 and is floating in the air for a long time. Both A2 and B3 break quickly toward where the ball is coming back to the playing court. Both players are moving rapidly, jump and reach for the ball, and collide in midair. Both players reached that point on the court at the same time while attempting to reach the errant pass, and both did nothing more than jump in an effort to catch the pass. The contact is severe, and both players fall hard to the ground. Shall the severe contact result in a foul, and if so, on whom shall the foul be called?

4. A1 is fouled by B2 near the division line, and team A is in the bonus. Prior to A1’s free throws being attempted, B3 shoves A3 in the frontcourt. The following are True Statements.
a. This is a false multiple foul.
b. A3’s foul is a flagrant 1 personal foul.
c. The foul shots will be shot in the order of occurrence.
d. All of the Above.
e. a and c.

5. A1 is fouled while dribbling the ball, and team A is in the bonus. The officials fail to award A1 bonus free throws. Instead, team A is awarded a throw-in. Team A completes the throw-in, and A2 scores a basket. Team B inbounds the ball, moves the ball down the court, and the ball is deflected out of bounds by A3. At this time, the official timer sounds the horn as team A’s coach has made an appeal to the official scorer to have the error corrected. Can the error be corrected, and if not, what is the result?

1. Participating after being disqualified results in a non-contact flagrant 2 technical foul. The technical foul is only penalized if it is discovered while being violated. Therefore, in (a), since A1 was no longer in the game, no technical foul shall be assessed. In (b), a  non-contact flagrant 2 technical foul shall be charged to A1. A1 shall be removed from the game, team B shall receive two free throws and receive the ball at the spot of the infraction if it occurred in the back court. If it occurred in the front court, Team B would receive the ball at one of the 4 designated spots. 7-3-1b, 7-3-2a&c, 10-3h, 10-3h.

2. a- 10-1-Penalties-f.

3. Contact that is incidental in an effort by opponents to reach a loose ball, or contact that results when opponents are in equally favorable positions to perform normal defensive or offensive movement should be permitted even though the contact may be severe or excessive. Since A2 and B3 were both making an attempt to catch the ball and both were in equally favorable positions to catch the ball, the resulting contact is simply incidental contact, and no foul shall be called on either player. The fact that the contact was severe and led to both players going hard to the ground is not relevant. A no-call is the correct call on this play. 4-21-2.

4. e-8-9-1.

5. When the officials error by failing to award a merited free throw, the error is correctable, but the error must be recognized and corrected by an official during the first dead ball after the game clock properly started. The first dead ball was after A2’s successful goal. Once team B had the ball at its disposal for the ensuing throw-in, it is too late to correct the error. Therefore, the error shall not be corrected. One 75 second timeout or one 30-second timeout (non-media) when all 75 second timeouts have been used, shall be charged to Team A  or one 30 second timeout or one 60 second timeout with media. 2-12-1a, 2-12-2, 5-14-1g.
FIBA Basketball Rules Quiz
1. The game shall consist of 4 quarters of 12 minutes each. T-F

2. The ball is live when the free thrower has control of the ball and then releases it for a free throw that will remain in play. T-F 
3. When the ball touches an official, it is the same as touching the floor at the official’s location. T-F

4. Alternating possession throw-in ends when the ball is released. T-F.

5. Team Control ends when the defender deflects the ball. T-F.

1. False- Rule-4- Article- 8.1 
2. True- Rule-4- Article-10.2  
3. True- Rule-4- Article- 11.2
4. False- Rule-4-Article-12.4.2
5. False- Rule-4- Article-14.1.3
FIBA takes Important Steps to Increase
Opportunities for Female Officials
MIES (Switzerland) - FIBA is taking action to ensure there is an increase of licensed FIBA female referees around the world in the new cycle of the FIBA Game Officials Licensing (2021-23).
As part of one of the strategic objectives for the 2019-2023 cycle, Women in Basketball, measures are being put in place by FIBA's Central Board that allows an extra female referee license allocation for every National Federation for the license period of 2021-23. The expectation is that there will be a 20-30% rise in the number of female licensed referees.
FIBA is also to grant additional license allocations for commissioner candidates for the same licensed period with a priority for female candidates.
FIBA is determined to deliver on its commitment to enhancing all aspects of Women in Basketball and will be expecting not only an increase in the number and overall quality of female referees but to also have a bigger number working at the top women's and men's competitions and to keep them in their positions longer, while at the same time assisting them with their career planning. Click here to continue.
IAABO Good Citizen
Scott Bach-Hansen
Bd. 255, Cardinal, Viginia
Scott Bach-Hansen, Bd. 255, Cardinal, Virginia, formed a Chaplain Team within the board.  He is a Lay Servant Minister with the United Methodist Church and leads worship services for at risk senior citizens on Sunday evenings.  For the past five years, he has been one of the leaders in the Hypothermia Mission Program to bring the homeless off the streets and provide them with a place to sleep.  The highlight each year for the guests is a Pizza Party with the George Mason Men’s Basketball team.  
Calling All Good IAABO Citizens
So many of us impact our communities and our world for the better.  IAABO would like to highlight many of the good deeds our officials have done throughout the year. We want to emphasize our belief in being good corporate and community citizens in the areas where we live and work.  So, whether it be a random act of kindness or an organized volunteer effort, no good deed is too big or too small!  Trust us, we’ll be humble so that our officials can be proud.  Send your email to IAABO @  and tell us about a good deed you did this year.
Some examples include:
  • Rescued a puppy
  • Bought lunch for a stranger
  • Organized a fundraiser
  • Volunteered at a homeless shelter
  • Donated blood
  • Shoveled a neighbor’s driveway
  • Helped a friend in need

IAABO University
"An online basketball officiating certification class"

If your board is participating and has prospective officials that would like to enroll in the course, please have them contact the IAABO Office @
Apply to be a High School Official!
Make a difference in your community and become a high school official. #BecomeAnOfficial. Click here to read more.

The NFHS is currently offering free officiating courses on their website @ 

To make a donation, please contact your local board chairperson or send your donation to Officials vs. Cancer, P.O. Box 355, Carlisle, PA  17013. Click here to make an online donation.

Officially Human; Behind the Stripes LLC (OH) was founded by Brenda Hilton as a grassroots effort to "humanize" sport officials in all sports at all levels. Brenda has spent close to 20 years working with sport officials and coordinators at the DI level and grown to appreciate them for all they do for our youth and young adults. OH is currently working with 12 high school associations (with more on the horizon) across the country to survey officials at that level, gathering information to take back constituents and participating states in hopes of building a nationwide campaign. To date, 16,000+ officials have shared thoughts and ideas on how to address the issue. 
OH currently has sportsmanship banners available for purchase to be displayed at venues; they can be customized with the venue logo. 
If you have any issues, please send an email to and a member of the RefQuest team will contact you shortly.  
Steve Zazuri, owner of Blow Your Whistles located in Monroe, Connecticut, has been selected to be the Preferred Smitty/IAABO Dealer for all New England IAABO Boards.  Steve is currently an active IAABO Board No. 9, Fairfield, CT member.  Both Smitty and IAABO are very excited for Steve to service the New England IAABO membership.  Steve will continue to provide his same outstanding service the IAABO Boards in New York.  He can be reached at (203) 261-3128 or
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IAABO Patches

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Incrediware - A Natural
Wearable Anti-Inflammatory
Incrediware’s mission is to design innovative products that help patients recover more effectively and faster while assisting medical professionals to deliver a new standard of care through further development and application of unique materials.  IAABO officials are being offered the same discount as all NBA and NCAA officials.  The promo code is:  NCAAREF (30% discount).
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