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Prayers for Peter Webb
Emeritus IAABO Coordinator of Interpreters

Linda Coan O'Kresik | BDN
Former longtime Maine Basketball Commissioner Peter Webb, pictured in this 2017 photo, is fighting for his life in a Portland hospital after suffering a brain aneurysm on Friday.
By Ernie Clark, BDN Staff • July 11, 2019 11:49 am
Updated: July 11, 2019 1:18 pm
Longtime Maine basketball commissioner Peter Webb is battling for his life in a Portland hospital after suffering a brain aneurysm at his Stetson home late last week.
“He had a pretty good day yesterday and I’m waiting to hear today,” Mike Webb, the youngest of his four children, said Thursday morning.
The elder Webb, 82, had returned home after attending the funeral of longtime former Eastern Maine basketball tournament director Bill Fletcher last Friday when he went out for a ride with his wife Marie on their pontoon boat, Mike Webb said.
After returning from the boat ride Webb complained of a bad headache and when the situation didn’t improve, his wife called 911 and he was transported late Friday evening to St. Joseph Hospital in Bangor.
Webb eventually was put on life support and on Saturday was taken by LifeFlight to Maine Medical Center in Portland, where doctors inserted a catheter through his leg and up to his head to relieve the pressure on his brain.
“I guess they got him to Portland in the nick of time,” Mike Webb said. “The doctors there couldn’t believe that he even made it.
“Saturday before they put the ventilator on I kissed him on the forehead, said, ‘I love you’ and thought probably that would be the last time I’d see him.”
Webb said subsequent medical procedures have been successful in draining the accumulated blood from his father’s brain.
“Yesterday that turned clear, so for what’s happened it’s a miracle,” he said. “We don’t know about the recovery yet. The next few days are really critical as to whether there’s brain damage or how his motor skills are. We just don’t know.”
Webb has been a fixture in the Maine sports world since his playing days as a baseball and basketball standout at Houlton High School and Ricker College in Houlton.
He went on to complement a career in education with 55 years as a certified official, primarily in basketball and baseball.
Webb recently retired after 27 years as the state’s commissioner of basketball, that term following 13 years as assistant commissioner. He has been inducted into both the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame and the New England Basketball Hall of Fame.
Webb became a national figure in the refereeing ranks through his 17-year tenure as coordinator of rule interpreters for the world’s largest basketball officials organization, the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials.
Webb also was on the association’s executive committee for 13 years, capped off by a term as president in 2002.
Webb served two four-year terms on the basketball rules committee of the National Federation of State High School Associations and has remained a resource person and historian for that panel.
Those officiating skills have remained in evidence even as Webb has fought to recover from his current illness.
“He had a great day [Tuesday] but it was almost too much too quick,” Mike Webb said. “His relatives were there, there were quite a few visitors and we and we had the All-Star Game on TV because baseball’s always been his first love.
“He’d open his eyes, and at one point he was doing some referee signals.”
Mike Webb said his family, including brothers Peter Jr. and Kyle and sister Elizabeth, have appreciated all the support they have received in the aftermath of their father’s illness.
‘There’s been telephone calls from all over the country,” he said. “We’ve gotten a lot of support and we really appreciate it.
“Everything being considered, the next few days are critical. We just hope he can get through this and have some quality of life if it goes well.”

Basketball is Canadian,
and so’s the whistle you hear
 in every NBA game

By Jesse Ferreras Online Journalist  Global News

The game of basketball was invented by a man who grew up on a farm outside Almonte, Ont.
It sits just under 400 kilometres from Scotiabank Arena, home to the Toronto Raptors, a team now vying for the NBA title against the Golden State Warriors.
And the whistle that stops play in every game was created by a man from a place even closer to home for Canada’s only NBA team.  Click here to read more.

"Making the Call"
a historical documentary about
Black basketball officials

Another season of summer league basketball is upon us. The NBA Finals are nearing their end. Teams and fans are anticipating the upcoming draft being held later this month.
When basketball is discussed, now a 24-hour cycle, the game’s referees are rarely mentioned, unless a bad or questionable call is made. They’re never interviewed the way players and basketball personnel are, so there’s somewhat of a deep mystery there that hasn’t been unearthed. Maybe a documentary about refs would be interesting. Filmmaker Sandra Nixon has directed one entitled “Making the Call.”  Click here to read the entire article.
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Basketball News
Documentary tells story of South Bronx,
Harlem pioneer referees
NEW YORK (FOX 5 NY) - In the 1960s a group of men in the South Bronx and Harlem created a non-profit organization to train members of the community to become certified basketball referees.  The ultimate goal of SUBOA (Sports United Benevolence Official Association) was to promote equality in officiating.  Their story is now being told in the documentary, 'SUBOA: Making the Call.' Click here to read the entire article.
Six Things to Know about Jeffrey Anderson,
Rochester's Final Four Official
Jeffrey Anderson of West Henrietta is one of 10 officials selected to referee the Final Four this weekend (three for each game and one alternate). Click here to read the entire article.
Louisiana Passes New Penalties for
Referee-Harassing Parents
BATON ROUGE, LA (AP) - Louisiana lawmakers want to crack down on parents who scuffle with referees at children's sporting events, backing a bill to create new penalties for the behavior. Click here to read the entire article.
Basketballer immediately ejected for crazy
reprisal clothesline hit on rival
NEW ZEALAND HERALD - He calculatedly waited more than a minute to get his revenge, but in the end "The Beast" gave up any pretence of playing basketball and simply went in for the kill. Click here to read the entire 
The SEC Grapples with Officiating
in the Age of Outrage
DESTIN, Fla. — Nick Saban often finds himself watching an NFL game, seeing a flag thrown and wondering why, like the rest of us. Seconds later, when a retired official appears on the TV broadcast, he gets his answer. He wants the same for the SEC. “Half the people don’t even know the rule. Click here to read the entire article.
 Josh Freed: Raptors mania is forcing
Canadians to take Basketball 101
People who don't know a basketball from a snowball are watching Toronto Raptors games in the NBA finals and asking hundreds of questions.
There’s one subject dominating Canada from coast to coast this week — the NBA playoffs.  People who don’t know a basketball from a snowball are watching the Toronto Raptors games and asking 100 baffled questions, like:  Why does one basket count for two points, but sometimes three?  Click here to read the entire article.
 Police investigating after referees injured in brawl
during BREC basketball game
The male referee was admitted later, the victims' families told WBRZ. A family member said one of the referees suffered a broken jaw because of the ...  Click here to read the entire article.
Local athletic officials address parent
behavior after viral basketball brawl
CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Video of a brawl between adults attending a baseball game of seven year olds last weekend in Colorado is gaining momentum on social media.
Lakewood Police said that the fight started after one group of adults did not agree with a call made by a teenage umpire. Click here to read the entire article.
 Dear WNBA, please put numbers on the
front of the uniforms
By Maggie Hendricks  |  You're sitting at a WNBA game, or maybe watching it on television, when a player manages a sweet steal. She takes off, making a fast break and then finishes off with a layup before her opponents realize what even happened. You want to cheer her on. You want to tweet about her great moves. You want to buy her jersey. Click here to read the entire article.

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IAABO University Goes Live
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Long-Time IAABO Member Dave Simon Pens Third Book
Long-time IAABO member and writer for SPORTORIALS, Dave Simon, recently penned and published his third book. Simon has been an IAABO member since 1984 and written for SPORTORIALS for 29 years. "Tales of Cycling Nomad 1982," published by Orange Hat Publishing, chronicles his 3,500+ mile journey on a bicycle across North America in 1982. 
Autographed copies of the book are available by contacting Dave by email at davidsimon15@hotmail.com. Copies can also be ordered through Amazon or Barnes and Noble. 
Previously, Simon wrote "Whistle in a Haystack" with Rick Hartzell, which details stories and insights from Hartzell's DI men's basketball officiating career. Simon is also the author of "Bad Golf," a humorous take on why golfers punish themselves playing the game.
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You have likely heard the saying, “a goal without a plan is just a wish,” and this age-old adage rings so true for all people pursuing all types of endeavors.
And for basketball officials embarking on the 2017-2018 season absent a basic strategy on how to achieve a stated desire -- a better schedule; advancement to the next level -- you are in a rudderless boat on an open sea hoping the winds of fate blow you to your destination.
Seeking officiating success described in this manner seems laughable, but yet many officials take this approach with their beloved avocation.  
But Ref, don’t panic now...Help is on the way in the form of the new, and first of its kind, GameTracker Journal.  
This latest publication from long time IAABO members Billy Martin, Tim Malloy and Al Battista, the creators of Ref60.com, is an innovative tool that provides a template for every basketball official, at every level, to create your own realistic roadmap helping to guide you to your desired destination - one game at a time.
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