A Gift for all IAABO Members

IAABO is thrilled to announce the purchase and development of an exciting program exclusively for our members and possible only through the combined resources of the IAABO Charitable and Education Foundation and IAABO, Inc.   

To access the application on your IPad/IPhone, go to the App store and search for “Axon Sports Elite”.  Download the App and click on it to install. Once installed, launch the App and authorize it using the following codes:  Token:  iaabo18; Site:  iaabo; Auth ID:  axon-iaabo.  You will then select “OK” and “START”.  Select REGISTER NEW USER and fill out the appropriate fields (Your username is your email address).  You will also have to create a unique password.  Once completed, select “BballOfficial” and the “NEXT” button.  The training will then begin to download.  Currently, the App will only work on an IPad/IPhone and you are authorized to use it on both devices.  If you are using a PC/MAC, please email Donnie Eppley @ eppleyd@comcast.net and a link to download the program will be provided to you. 

IAABO Play of the Week

Click here to view the IAABO Play of the Week No. 7 for the 2018/2019 season. At the end of the video, you will need to click on the link shown below to access the survey question.  In addition, all IAABO Plays of the Week are archived at www.iaabo.org.

Click here to answer a survey to ensure that you have an accurate ruling.  Once you submit your answer, you will receive a response with IAABO’s point of view on this play


Congratulations to John O’Neill, Bd. 111 ME, (Week 6) winner.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the IAABO Play of the Week
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