IAABO is announcing that the position of Executive Director will be open effective July 1, 2019. IAABO is now accepting resumes for persons interested in making application for this position. Job description and qualifications are listed below and are available by contacting the IAABO office. Deadline for the submission of said resumes will be July 1, 2018 and should be sent by regular mail and email to the attention of Tom Lopes, Executive Director IAABO, 7 Village Way, Ocean Pines, MD 21811,
Timelines are:
July 1, 2018: submission of resume
Fall Meeting 2018: selected interviews
Announcement of successful candidate: January, 2019
International Association of Approved Basketball Officials
Executive Director
Job Description
Position Summary: The Executive Director serves as the Association Chief Executive Officer and provides strategic leadership, management, direction and support for the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials (IAABO Inc). The Executive Director is responsible for the daily operations of the Association to include finances, recordings of all proceedings at formal meetings; reports requested by the Executive Committee, maintain all necessary communications, correspondence and negotiations with the officers and the Executive Committee. Additionally, the Executive Director facilitates the resolution of issues and concerns raised by the local Boards and general membership.
Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
Oversee and provide organizational support for the Executive Committee consisting of members elected from 10 geographical regions and at large areas.
Supervise, evaluate and direct activities and job description of Association employees, and outside contractors.
Enhance Association sustainability and membership growth through recruitment, continuing education development, and fund-raising activities.
Oversee the daily financial and operational activities of the Association to include formal banking, accounting and reconciliation of all Association funds in coordination with the Treasurer and Executive Committee, budget development, and financial reports to the Executive Committee and the membership.
Serve as the recording secretary at all Association proceedings/minutes such as the Fall and Spring Annual Meetings and conference call meetings of the Association Executive Committee.
Develop formal reports and provide written/electronic communication to the Executive Committee and the membership.
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Bob Delaney, Bd. 194 NJ, and former NBA Vice President for Referee’s Development and Performance, officiated a one-on-one charity basketball game dubbed as the “Blobfish Basketball Classic” between TV Host Jimmy Kimmel and Senator Ted Cruz.  The game took place at the Health and Physical Education Arena at Texas Southern University and benefited Texas Children’s Hospital and the education nonprofit Generation One for Kimmel and Cruz respectively.
We look forward to seeing everyone at the annual IAABO Fall Seminar to be held at the Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis, MA on Cape Cod from September 19-23, 2018.  Room rates are $139 for Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and $179 for Friday and Saturday evenings.  Please make your reservations early as rooms are somewhat limited.  Please see below for instructions on securing your reservations.
  • Method for booking guest room reservations: Individual Reservations
  • Online Booking Code for the Group: IAAB0920  (Please note that it is a zero after the B and not the letter O.)
  • Reservations are due no later than August 20, 2018. A deposit of one night’s room rate plus occupancy tax is required per room to confirm reservations.  The Cape Codder Resort & Spa accepts American Express, MasterCard and Visa.
  • Individuals reserving their guest rooms may use our toll free number: 888-297-2200, or use the online booking procedure as outlined below.  When calling, guests must identify themselves as part of the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials in order to receive the preferred group rates.
  • To reserve online:
    1. Go to www.capecodderresort.com.
    2. Scroll to bottom right of home page where “Online Reservations” box appears.
    3. Enter Arrival Date, Days, Adults, Children in the boxes indicated.
    4. Click on “Check Availability” or “Continue” whichever appears for you.
    5. Click on “Group Code” tab at top of page.
    6. Enter Code and click “Update.”
    7. Click “Confirm” in pop up box.
    8. Click “Book” on the room type you want to select and continue with reservation process.
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Written by William H. McKernan
International Association of Approved Basketball Officials, Inc.,
Central Connecticut Board # 6
Part III

When Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabbar) (UCLA 1966-1969, NBA 1969-1989) started playing basketball for UCLA Bruins, NCAA officials felt that the seven foot, two inch All-American center, being especially tall and athletic, could place the ball over the rim and throw it through the hoop with ease. This feat of athleticism which we all know as the dunk and seems so routine was not so routine back in the mid-1960’s. It was considered unfair that he could do it so easily. So the NCAA banned dunking in 1967. This was called the “Alcindor Rule”. Another reason dunking was outlawed was to prevent injury and equipment damage. A distorted rim could delay a game. As a result of the rule, Alcindor developed a great hook shot, the “Sky Hook”, which he used effectively during his playing days in college, and in the NBA. After multiple issues with the new rule and the invention of the breakaway rim the NCAA allowed the dunk to be legal again during 1976-1977 season which was shortly after UCLA Coach John Wooden's retirement. The “Alcindor Rule” eventually trickled down to NFHS rules. In 1967, the NFHS banned dunking in high school basketball games. In 1970, the NFHS also prohibited dunking during pregame warmups. Like the NCAA, the NFHS reversed itself in 1976 and a rule change allowed dunking during the game but not during pregame warmups, nor during intermissions, and with a later rule change in 1978 outlawing dunking a dead ball.
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Congratulations to Mike McCloskey, Bd.41 NY, on being selected to officiating the 2018 NCAA Men’s Division I Lacrosse Championship game between Duke and Yale University.  Mike also officiates Men’s Division I basketball in several conferences.  
June 3, 2039 – Boston, MA – The NBA Finals opened tonight with an historical first: Three former players – LeBron James, Kevin Durant and James Harden – served as the officials. All three players, after they retired from their storied careers, decided they wanted a new, more difficult challenge and decided to take up officiating basketball. Despite their skills with the ball, it took them each over 13 years of tremendous effort, training and personal/video feedback to make it back to the NBA championship.
“It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” James said when he found out he would be the referee (the lead official) for game one of the finals.
“I always wanted to do something more for the game of basketball after I retired,” Durant said, “and I’ve dedicated myself to this awesome endeavor for 13 years now. It’s a tremendous feeling.”
Harden had the toughest time being recognized for his officiating talent, languishing on the G League roster for years before finally realizing he needed to shave his signature beard to advance. “Man, the sky was the limit after that,” Harden smiled and said in a pumped up voice.
The first game between the Celtics and London Bridgers (who joined the league in 2027 along with the Berlin Beermeisters) was tight throughout. “I can’t believe how big, fast and strong these guys are,” James commented afterwards. “I can’t keep up with them.”
Jeff Van Gundy, commenting for IESPN (International ESPN) from the sidelines in his fully operational electronic wheelchair with voice activated commands, weighed in regularly on the officials. “That’s not a foul,” he screamed in his crotchety old voice in the first three seconds after DeShawn Decampo went up for a four-pointer and got hammered across the arm. “I can’t believe they called that,” he yelled, despite the bone piercing the elbow and the puddle of blood on the court. Emergency personnel immediately came onto the court to whip Decampo the hospital, where officials expected the newest instant stem cell injection coupled with pinpoint laser therapy will have him prepped to play for game four. Stay tuned.
The game stayed close throughout the first half. In the first five seconds of the second half, Van Gundy again weighed in: “The refs clearly aren’t blowing their whistle the second half. That was a foul. And so was that,” he remarked as action zipped by on the court too fast for him to register.
Sweating in the locker room afterwards, the three officials, reunited from their days playing in the NBA, had this to say: “I challenge anyone to come out and officiate basketball. It’s next to impossible to see all the activity and you have to be razor focused at all times and make instantaneous decisions correctly over 95 percent of the time. Shoot, when I shot 75 percent on my free throws, I was doing great,” James exclaimed.
Durant agreed, “It’s was WAY easier for me to hit my jumper anywhere I was on the court because I was so much taller than anyone who guarded me and I had long arms. I wish I could go back to 2018 tell myself to quit whining and just play, now that I know how hard it is to referee in the NBA and make the finals.”

Harden, the most stoic of the three, observed, “I wish I’d shaved my beard earlier. Man I love refereeing.”
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Game Tracker Journal
You have likely heard the saying, “a goal without a plan is just a wish,” and this age-old adage rings so true for all people pursuing all types of endeavors.
And for basketball officials embarking on the 2017-2018 season absent a basic strategy on how to achieve a stated desire -- a better schedule; advancement to the next level -- you are in a rudderless boat on an open sea hoping the winds of fate blow you to your destination.
Seeking officiating success described in this manner seems laughable, but yet many officials take this approach with their beloved avocation.  
But Ref, don’t panic now...Help is on the way in the form of the new, and first of its kind, GameTracker Journal.  
This latest publication from long time IAABO members Billy Martin, Tim Malloy and Al Battista, the creators of Ref60.com, is an innovative tool that provides a template for every basketball official, at every level, to create your own realistic roadmap helping to guide you to your desired destination - one game at a time.
For more information on this GameTracker Journal tool visit www.Ref60.com/gametracker.
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