IAABO is announcing that the position of Executive Director will be open effective July 1, 2019. IAABO is now accepting resumes for persons interested in making application for this position. Job description and qualifications are listed below and are available by contacting the IAABO office. Deadline for the submission of said resumes will be July 1, 2018 and should be sent by regular mail and email to the attention of Tom Lopes, Executive Director IAABO, 7 Village Way, Ocean Pines, MD 21811,
Timelines are:
July 1, 2018: submission of resume
Fall Meeting 2018: selected interviews
Announcement of successful candidate: January, 2019
International Association of Approved Basketball Officials
Executive Director
Job Description
Position Summary: The Executive Director serves as the Association Chief Executive Officer and provides strategic leadership, management, direction and support for the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials (IAABO Inc). The Executive Director is responsible for the daily operations of the Association to include finances, recordings of all proceedings at formal meetings; reports requested by the Executive Committee, maintain all necessary communications, correspondence and negotiations with the officers and the Executive Committee. Additionally, the Executive Director facilitates the resolution of issues and concerns raised by the local Boards and general membership.
Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
Oversee and provide organizational support for the Executive Committee consisting of members elected from 10 geographical regions and at large areas.
Supervise, evaluate and direct activities and job description of Association employees, and outside contractors.
Enhance Association sustainability and membership growth through recruitment, continuing education development, and fund-raising activities.
Oversee the daily financial and operational activities of the Association to include formal banking, accounting and reconciliation of all Association funds in coordination with the Treasurer and Executive Committee, budget development, and financial reports to the Executive Committee and the membership.
Serve as the recording secretary at all Association proceedings/minutes such as the Fall and Spring Annual Meetings and conference call meetings of the Association Executive Committee.
Develop formal reports and provide written/electronic communication to the Executive Committee and the membership.
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We look forward to seeing everyone at the annual IAABO Fall Seminar to be held at the Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis, MA on Cape Cod from September 19-23, 2018.  Room rates are $139 for Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and $179 for Friday and Saturday evenings.  Please make your reservations early as rooms are somewhat limited.  Please see below for instructions on securing your reservations.
  • Method for booking guest room reservations: Individual Reservations
  • Online Booking Code for the Group: IAAB0920  (Please note that it is a zero after the B and not the letter O.)
  • Reservations are due no later than August 20, 2018. A deposit of one night’s room rate plus occupancy tax is required per room to confirm reservations.  The Cape Codder Resort & Spa accepts American Express, MasterCard and Visa.
  • Individuals reserving their guest rooms may use our toll free number: 888-297-2200, or use the online booking procedure as outlined below.  When calling, guests must identify themselves as part of the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials in order to receive the preferred group rates.
  • To reserve online:
    1. Go to www.capecodderresort.com.
    2. Scroll to bottom right of home page where “Online Reservations” box appears.
    3. Enter Arrival Date, Days, Adults, Children in the boxes indicated.
    4. Click on “Check Availability” or “Continue” whichever appears for you.
    5. Click on “Group Code” tab at top of page.
    6. Enter Code and click “Update.”
    7. Click “Confirm” in pop up box.
    8. Click “Book” on the room type you want to select and continue with reservation process.
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Prepared by William H. McKernan, Bd. 6, CT. (Part 2)
Bill Russell (San Francisco 1953-1956, NBA 1956-1969), the six foot, ten inch All-American center for the San Francisco Dons, was one of the most dominant basketball players of his time. Russell was so dominant in the 1955 NCAA tournament that rule changes were enacted in college basketball to prevent a tall player such as Russell from gaining an advantage. In 1956, the NCAA widened the lane from six feet to twelve feet to make it more difficult for tall players to dominate the lane. The NFHS changed to a twelve foot lane in 1957.
Russell was known as the “Funneler” for guiding his teammate’s shots into the basket. Because of this, in 1956, both the NCAA and the NFHS enacted rules outlawing offensive goaltending, mainly as a result of Russell's tactic.
Wilt Chamberlain (Kansas 1956-1958, NBA 1959-1973), the seven foot, one inch, 275 pound All-American Kansas Jayhawks center’s impact on the game of basketball was reflected in the fact that he was directly responsible for several rule changes. When Chamberlain, a notoriously bad free throw shooter, attended Overbrook High School (Philadelphia, PA), he had a unique way of shooting free throws. He would stand at the top of the key, throw the ball up toward the basket, take two steps, jump toward the rim (he reportedly had a fifty inch vertical leap), and dunk the ball through the basket. At the time it was perfectly legal as he never touched the floor before releasing the ball. In 1956, during his freshman year at Kansas, the NCAA banned dunking free throws as a result of Chamberlain’s unorthodox style of shooting free throws in high school. Later, the NBA also banned dunking free throws. NFHS rules now state that a free thrower shooter shall not have either foot beyond the vertical plane of the free throw line until the ball touches the ring, or the backboard, or until the free throw ends. In addition, the free throw shooter must cause the ball to enter the basket, or touch the ring, before the free throw ends.
Chamberlain is also credited with a rule change regarding inbounding the ball by front court inbounders standing behind the endline underneath their basket. His teammates would routinely inbound the ball by lobbing the ball over the backboard where Chamberlain would catch the lob pass and dunk the ball into the basket for an easy score. In 1956, the NCAA, followed by the NFHS in 1957, ruled that the ball is out of bounds when it passes over a rectangular backboard (in either direction).
When Chamberlain was playing college ball at Kansas, a favorite play by the Jayhawks was to lob the ball toward the basket, hoping simply to get it in the vicinity of the rim. Chamberlain would roll to the hoop, catch whatever came within his enormous wingspan, and slam it home. His rivals couldn't stop him, so the NCAA rules makers outlawed offensive basket interference, preventing Chamberlain from touching the ball in the cylinder above the rim. The NBA also instituted offensive goaltending, and offensive basket interference, rules in response to Chamberlain’s dominant offensive play.
Chamberlain is the reason why the lane in the NBA is sixteen feet wide, forcing him to start farther from the basket. It was twelve feet wide when Chamberlain entered the league in 1959 and he won both Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player honors by setting up shop in the low post, using his strength to lean in on opponents and lay the ball in the basket with his soft finger roll. After five years of watching Chamberlain score virtually at will, the NBA added four feet to the width of the lane in the 1964-65 season to make it a little tougher on him. Chamberlain responded by perfecting a turnaround jumper.
Chamberlain is regarded as one of the most extraordinary players in the history of the game of basketball, a larger than life figure on, and off the court, who changed the game of basketball and its rules. He was the most dominating force the sport has ever seen, perhaps any sport has ever seen, a colossus whose impact is felt to this day. His dominance caused many rule changes designed to thwart him. In regard to this, Chamberlain is quoted as saying, “Everybody pulls for David, nobody roots for Goliath”.
Stay tuned for the next edition as we will present additional information on this topic.
Ask the Athletic Trainer
Do you have any suggestions for training that might be more basketball specific as pre-season approaches?
Thanks to a member of Board 127 for our question. If you have a question related to health, wellness or injury prevention, feel free to use the Ask the Athletic Trainer feature on the IAABO webpage. You will get a personal response, and you might see your question featured in a future article.
Off-season is a great time to take inventory of your current fitness status and begin to address any deficiencies that you might find. You want to make sure that you are falling within the "Good" or better than average range for cardiovascular fitness, body composition, flexibility, and whole body muscular strength and endurance. These basic fitness components can be easily assessed on your own. If you need directions for completing the assessment, click here as the MayoClinic outlines it very clearly.
Once you have determined where your deficits lie, then create a program to maintain and improve your fitness in each of the categories.
Cardiovascular Fitness: Engage in some type of aerobic training 4-5 days per week. This is a great time to build a solid fitness base. Since most game situations require that an official cover a little over 3 miles, I would recommend that you train so that you can complete 4 continuous miles without stopping. In the event that a game goes to over-time you can then be sure that your body is prepared for the extra workload. For training to occur that workout should occur at an intensity of 70-85% of your maximum heart rate.
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Thanks to everyone who participated in the annual Officials vs. Cancer campaign that was held during the past week.  Donations are still being accepted.  To make a donation, please send your check or money order to your board Point of Contact or mail it directly to:  Officials vs. Cancer, P.O. Box 355, Carlisle, PA  17013. 
To make a donation online, click on the following URL:  www.main.acsevents.org/officialsvscancer
Officials vs. Cancer apparel items are available at:


Game Tracker Journal
You have likely heard the saying, “a goal without a plan is just a wish,” and this age-old adage rings so true for all people pursuing all types of endeavors.
And for basketball officials embarking on the 2017-2018 season absent a basic strategy on how to achieve a stated desire -- a better schedule; advancement to the next level -- you are in a rudderless boat on an open sea hoping the winds of fate blow you to your destination.
Seeking officiating success described in this manner seems laughable, but yet many officials take this approach with their beloved avocation.  
But Ref, don’t panic now...Help is on the way in the form of the new, and first of its kind, GameTracker Journal.  
This latest publication from long time IAABO members Billy Martin, Tim Malloy and Al Battista, the creators of Ref60.com, is an innovative tool that provides a template for every basketball official, at every level, to create your own realistic roadmap helping to guide you to your desired destination - one game at a time.
For more information on this GameTracker Journal tool visit www.Ref60.com/gametracker.
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