CB 4.19.3 D Intentional Foul
(This clip does not contain audio)
This video was developed by IAABO to show the Casebook in a visual format and help officials learn the rules by seeing them applied. 
You, the viewer, can decide how to utilize the video to gain a better understanding of the rules(s) and concepts.

For individuals who want to understand the play situation, the clip contains a title page, casebook page, and a "Key Concepts" page that outlines each play situation and the pertinent rules that apply.  Each of these pages will stay on the screen for 3 seconds.  The viewer can "pause" the video on any of these pages to allow the necessary time to read the information.   

If the viewer wishes to go directly to the video clip, simply move your cursor to the 9-second mark of the clip and watch the play.  See if you can determine the correct ruling.  The clip will play a second time.  This time, the clip will provide a “Play Analysis” and outline the correct ruling and key concepts that apply. 
The clip will play a second time.  This time, the clip will provide a “Play Analysis” and outline the correct ruling and key concepts that apply.        

We hope you will enjoy this educational tool, and it enhances your understanding of the rules.
To see more plays like this, log onto the “Members Area” on the IAABO website at https://www.iaabo.org  and you will have access to the entire Video Playbook database. 

The Crossover Step (Co2, Co3)
(IAABO Manual pgs. 42, 156)
Getting proper angles when ball handlers move into the lane area can be a challenge.  Center and Trail officials (in both a Crew of 2 and Crew of 3) often have a natural tendency of moving in the same direction as the ball handler as they move toward the basket.   This often leaves them in a straight-lined position as the play develops.
Instead, officials should consider a position-adjustment in the opposite direction of the ball handler and onto the court a step or two.  By utilizing the “crossover step,” the official can create an open view between the offensive and defensive players.

Nuances of Uniform Regulations
Here are a few nuances rules interpretations that might help you remember the somewhat complex uniform regulations.

Undershirts are in a Class of their own:
An undershirt is a garment that includes a torso and sleeves - as One Piece.  Please don’t confuse them with sleeves that do not have a torso.  Undershirts Must be a single solid color that is Similar to the torso of the jersey.
     ·       For the Home team, that’s quite simple.  White is the only undershirt color permitted.
     ·       For the Visitors, the color must be Similar to the torso. 
Similar is defined as, “resembling without being identical -- and brings with it much latitude for interpretation.
If the color is close --- let them play.  If it’s a shade of the same color and fairly similar --- let them play.  If the color is contrasting, then inform the coach, that garment would not be legal for participation. Report any inconsistencies to your Board interpreter who will handle additional clarifications and guidance.
Remember, we inform head coaches --- not the athletes regarding the legality of uniforms. We do not instruct athletes how to fix their illegal uniform but rather deny entry when presented as a substitute or remove the player when noticed by the officiating crew.  Our communications should focus on the head coach as outlined in our rule book and manual.
NFHS has ruled that teams are permitted to wear apparel in warm-ups that would NOT be permissible during the actual game (i.e. colorful headbands, warm-up t-shirts, etc.). The exception is wearing something dangerous (i.e. headphones, earbuds, cell phones, etc.) that could injure someone.  The officials are directed to have these items removed, by communicating with the head coach.

Tucking of Jerseys:
As other sports have modified rules that allow participants to wear jerseys untucked, basketball is still a bit behind on this issue.
NFHS Rule 3-3-5 stipulates that “a player … not tucking in a team jersey (front and back) designed to be worn inside …shall be directed to leave the game.”  The keyword here is "designed."
So how do you know if the jersey is designed to be worn inside? 
If it has a tag or additional logo that would typically be hidden, then it’s designed to be worn inside the game pants. Since only one visible manufacturer’s logo is permitted, this requires teams to tuck it in.  If the design permits wearing untucked, it is allowed by rule.
Remember, there are no rules-based warnings for the uniform to be untucked.  If the jersey is untucked, the player should be directed to leave the game and the official should request a substitute from the head coach.  Please keep in mind, this is a dead ball infraction.  In other words, you are not required to stop play to address a shirt violation.  Officials should wait for a dead ball with the clock stopped.  The official should observe the player, if they rectify the situation, play can continue without penalty.  If the player does not tuck the jersey in, then the official should direct them to the bench.
When required to penalize, and the head coach gets upset, gently remind them they certified all their players are properly equipped before the start of the game. 

Can players wear pre-wrap?  
Yes, they can.  If worn as a headband, it must match color restrictions.  If worn as a hair control device, color does not matter.
“Knots” and “extensions” created by the use of pre-wrap are considered legal.  The pre-wrap must be tied somehow.   If the official rules the extensions would cause a safety issue, address the head coach to get them shortened to a reasonable length and still be tied appropriately.

Must knee pads meet color restrictions?
Yes.  Anything worn on the arm or leg, is considered a sleeve unless it’s considered a “medical” brace worn to increase stability. Braces can be any color.
If unsure whether a knee pad is considered a brace --- let them play, and report this to your Board interpreter for guidance.

For a complete overview of the NFHS uniform regulations, please click here to  download the NFHS Uniform Guide

Your Attitude?
What does it take to change a poor attitude to a good one?
Al Battista, Bd. 12 DC
1. Become aware of your existing attitudes. You have to make an honest evaluation.
2. Trying to understand why those attitudes were developed. This is an aid to self-awareness.
3. Recognizing the importance of learning. It's very important to be a student of the game. There is no finish line in basketball officiating. Basketball Officiating cannot be mastered because the game is always changing. Therefore learning is such a necessity.
 4. You must dedicate yourself to the craft. This means rules study, film breakdown, doing drills, etc.
5. Be enthusiastic about your daily routines. At times you need to push yourself and not make excuses. Your Actions can change your feelings, don’t let your feelings dictate your actions. These are also important in your routines before the game you are officiating.
6. Welcoming the prospect of change. You must be open to new methods and ideas. You cannot believe that your way is the only way, be open-minded. When an observer or senior official gives you advice or a critique, use it as a positive and grow from it. Every Setback is a Setup for a Comeback.
7. Express a sense of humor, don’t take yourself so seriously, have fun in what you are doing. If you do this, you will enjoy the craft more and people will be drawn to you.
8. Having an interest in others, always giving positive advice, and looking to help with their difficulties.
9. Trying to understand the point of view of others. Be a good listener.
10. Learn from others, again be a good listener.
11. Be a team official, remember you are working to obtain a successful game. Check your ego, remember to have a successful game, you must prepare as a team.
12. Keep yourself from criticizing others, it equals negative energy. First judge yourself, if you are ever perfect, then you can move on to others. Lastly- Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry- This is so important. Put this in your daily life.

Mark Your Calendars

The IAABO Spring Meeting will be held April 6 – 10, 2022 at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront located at 6600 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, Maryland. 
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"Famous? I'm not Famous
Adrian Dantley Enjoys a Life of Anonymity

The most prolific scorer in Utah Jazz history, Adrian Dantley now enjoys life under a different set of lights compared to the ones he used to play under at the Salt Palace. Click here to read the article.

UConn Basketball’s Mike Crispino Less Critical
of Referees As Official Himself

“I’ve changed completely since I started doing this. Because I realize how hard it is.”

Published  January 24, 2022
By  Ian Casselberry
While basketball broadcasters may not have as contentious a relationship with referees as coaches, players, and fans, part of calling the action can involve criticizing a call. And with broadcasters typically positioned at courtside, there is certainly more opportunity for exchanges with officials than in football or hockey, for example. Click here to read the article.

Basketball Referees are Human. 
 I spent a day with an Indiana high school crew to prove it. – IndyStar
Kyle Neddenriep
Indianapolis Star
The holiday season is a time for spreading love to family and friends. For basketball referees, though, it is business as usual no matter the time of year: Fans yelling out “Over the back!” instead of “Happy New Year!” and coaches staring daggers rather than sharing gifts.

But it is not all negative, either. On Dec. 29, I followed a veteran officiating crew as they refereed three holiday tournament games at three venues. I went into the locker room with them before games, at halftime and after games and listened in during the rides from gym to gym and can confirm, believe it not, that referees are people, too.  Click here to read the article.

Police investigating report of unruly fan
accused of grabbing referee
Fargo, ND, USA / The Mighty 790 KFGO | KFGO
Ryan Janke
Jan 21, 2022 | 3:17 PM
AUDUBON, Minn. (KFGO) – Police are investigating a report of a spectator becoming unruly with a high school referee in Lake Park.

A call to the Police Department indicated that a 45-year-old Detroit Lakes man became upset during a high school basketball game on Thursday, Jan. 13 between Lake Park-Audubon and Win-E-Mac. The caller said the man made obscene gestures with both hands and grabbed a 71-year-old referee during the game.  Click here to read the article.

Rules Quizzes
(Answers are located at the bottom of the page)
NFHS Edition
1. For a kicking violation to occur, the kick must be deliberate or intentional.  True or False?
2. When a kicking violation is committed, the opposing team will receive the ball at the site out of bounds closest to the violation.  True or False?
3. On a throw-in that is in the backcourt, the 10-second count starts when a player legally touches the ball inbounds.  True or False?
4. A1 is dribbling the ball in their backcourt when B3 deflects the ball.  The 10-second count should continue.  True or False?
5. On a 10-second violation in the backcourt, the ball will be awarded at the division line.  True or False?
Men's Collegiate Edition
1. How wide should a headband be:
A. 2 inches wide.
B. 3 inches wide.
2. The Lead Official should not stand beside players during free throws. T-F
3. A1 dunks the ball and grasps the ring and the ring hits the ball before the ring returns to its original position. The trail and center official “no call” the play. T-F
4. At 18:40 in the 2nd half, Team A calls and is granted the first timeout of the half.  The time out becomes the length of a media time out. T-F
5. On a foul, the off officials must observe the players on the floor.
Women's Collegiate Edition
1. A1 attempts a try that touches the floor and misses the ring. A1 recovers the ball, the Lead Official rules a traveling violation. T-F
2. One of the criteria for an intentional foul is excessive, hard and/ or unnecessary contact against an opponent. T-F
3. A try ends when the ball touches the floor. T-F
4. A tap ends when the ball touches the floor. T-F
5. The Center and Trail Official must be ready to execute LDB and RA help coverage. T-F
International Edition
1. A1 with the ball in their hands is closely guarded by B1 and B2 close to the side line. A1 touches B1 with the ball , B1 has one foot out of bounds.  B1 causes the ball to be out of bounds. T-F
2. A shot for field goal or free throw begins when the ball leaves the hand(s) of a player in the act of shooting. T-F
3. Goaltending can occur on a :
A. Field Goal
B. Free Throw
C. Both A & B.
4. During A1’s last free throw before the ball touches the ring, B1 reaches through the basket from below and touches the ball. A1 should be awarded “1” point and B1 should be charged with a technical foul. T-F
5. Same scenario as in question 4, but the ball touches the ring and has a chance to enter the basket. Handle the Situation.

RefQuest is an online platform for high school.  It was developed for basketball officials, by basketball officials. The creation of RefQuest provides a resource for referees to collaborate. This technology has been advanced by the RefQuest visionaries and utilizes world-class programmers who have made the platform user friendly, intuitive and provide unmatched value. 
IAABO and RefQuest have teamed up to provide another great resource to the members of both organizations. IAABO's core mission is "to educate, train, develop, and provide continuous instruction for basketball officials." RefQuest provides new and exciting technology to help reach that goal. 

If you would like to participate, please send an email message to
deppley@iaabo.org and include your name, email address and board number. 

Sportorials Writers Wanted
Dust off your writing skills; IAABO is looking for members to submit articles for publication in SPORTORIALS.  We are specifically looking for rules-based articles and human interest stories involving our members.  If you have the time, we have a dime for your efforts.  Actually, we have several dimes.  In other words, we don’t expect anyone to write for FREE.  Authors who have articles that are printed will be compensated.
Please send your submissions to deppley@iaabo.org

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Calling All Good IAABO Citizens
So many of us impact our communities and our world for the better.  IAABO would like to highlight many of the good deeds our officials have done throughout the year. We want to emphasize our belief in being good corporate and community citizens in the areas where we live and work.  So, whether it be a random act of kindness or an organized volunteer effort, no good deed is too big or too small!  Trust us, we’ll be humble so that our officials can be proud.  Send your email to IAABO @ info@iaabo.org  and tell us about a good deed you did this year.
Some examples include:
  • Rescued a puppy
  • Bought lunch for a stranger
  • Organized a fundraiser
  • Volunteered at a homeless shelter
  • Donated blood
  • Shoveled a neighbor’s driveway
  • Helped a friend in need

IAABO University
"An online basketball officiating certification class"

If your board is participating and has prospective officials that would like to enroll in the course, please have them contact the IAABO Office @ info@iaabo.org
Apply to be a High School Official!
Make a difference in your community and become a high school official. #BecomeAnOfficial. Click here to read more.

The NFHS is currently offering free officiating courses on their website @ NFHSLearn.com. 

Officially Human; Behind the Stripes LLC (OH) was founded by Brenda Hilton as a grassroots effort to "humanize" sport officials in all sports at all levels. Brenda has spent close to 20 years working with sport officials and coordinators at the DI level and grown to appreciate them for all they do for our youth and young adults. OH is currently working with 12 high school associations (with more on the horizon) across the country to survey officials at that level, gathering information to take back constituents and participating states in hopes of building a nationwide campaign. To date, 16,000+ officials have shared thoughts and ideas on how to address the issue. 
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Answers to Quizzes
1. True-4-29
2. True-7-5-2
3. False-9-8
4. True-9-8
5. False-7-5-2
Men's Collegiate
1. A-1-24.1.c.
2. True-CCA Manual- Section-20-Article-1-c-5.
3. False-9-15.2.4.
4. True-5-14.10.d.
5. True-CCA-Manual-Section-15-Article-3-Note.
Women's Collegiate
1. False- 4-8.4.c
3. True-5-1.12.
4. True-5-1.9
5. True-CCA Manual-1.1.4
1. True - Article 23.2.2.
2. True - Article 31.1.1.
3. C - Article 31.2.1, 31.2.2
4. True - Article 31.2.4, 33.3.3   Interpretation 31-2.
5. A1 should be awarded “1” point, but Team B shall not be charged with a technical foul. Interpretation 31-2
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