CB 4.19.1 Note - Dead Ball Contact
(This clip does not have audio)
This video was developed by IAABO to show the Casebook in a visual format and help officials learn the rules by seeing them applied. 
You, the viewer, can decide how to utilize the video to gain a better understanding of the rules(s) and concepts.

For individuals who want to understand the play situation, the clip contains a title page, casebook page, and a "Key Concepts" page that outlines each play situation and the pertinent rules that apply.  Each of these pages will stay on the screen for 3 seconds.  The viewer can "pause" the video on any of these pages to allow the necessary time to read the information.   

If the viewer wishes to go directly to the video clip, simply move your cursor to the 9-second mark of the clip and watch the play.  See if you can determine the correct ruling.  The clip will play a second time.  This time, the clip will provide a “Play Analysis” and outline the correct ruling and key concepts that apply. 
The clip will play a second time.  This time, the clip will provide a “Play Analysis” and outline the correct ruling and key concepts that apply.        

We hope you will enjoy this educational tool, and it enhances your understanding of the rules.
To see more plays like this, log onto the “Members Area” on the IAABO website at https://www.iaabo.org  and you will have access to the entire Video Playbook database. 

Penalizing an Illegal Uniform
(3-4-3d, 10-6-4)
Four minutes into the first quarter a foul was called on number 8.  You read that right, number 8!   It is at this very moment the crew realizes that they have a significant issue.  If you officiate long enough, you will encounter odd situations from time to time.  In fact, this actually happened at a game recently.  
Since the number 8 is an illegal number, it also means the player was wearing an illegal uniform.  The penalty for this infraction is a direct technical foul to the head coach which also means the loss of the coaching box privileges.
In this particular game, the team had access to other uniforms so the player quickly changed their jersey to number 25 and continued to play.
But the question is, what if the team did not have access to a legal uniform to give to the player?   Would the player be allowed to continue in the game wearing an illegal uniform?  
The answer is yes! 
In a sense, the technical foul “buys” the use of the illegal jersey for the game. 
Discovering illegal uniforms is very rare, but in many of these situations a team will not have an alternative and the game will need to proceed with the player in an illegal uniform.   It should also be noted, if multiple players are discovered wearing illegal uniforms, only one technical is charged regardless of the number of offenders.  

Listing Team Members in the Scorebook
In the last issue of Inside the Lines, the Co-coordinators shared their thoughts on the definition of a team member and whether or not it was acceptable to have more people listed in the official scorebook than was in uniform and able to play at the gamesite. 
This week, we received information from NFHS Rules Editor Lindsey Atkinson on the issue.   She stated “we would NOT limit the entries in the scorebook to only those present at the start of the game.”

Based on this interpretation, officials should allow teams to have all their team members listed in the scorebook, regardless of how many are present at the game.  When the Referee checks the official scorebook, if there are equal or more team members listed, there should be no issue with this aspect of the rule. 
Original article:
Twelve minutes before the scheduled start of each game, the Referee is required to go to the scorer’s and timer's table to complete several outlined pregame duties.  One of those duties is to confer with the scorer and check the official scorebook to verify the team roster, the listed team member numbers are legal, and five starters are properly designated.

If you’re like most officials, one of the things you do to verify the accuracy of the scorebook is to count the number of players listed for each team in the scorebook and then count how many players are on the court. 
On most occasions, this will be a routine task, as the number of team members on the court will match what is listed in the scorebook.  

But what if there are more team members listed in the scorebook than what is on the court during pregame warm-ups?  

The NFHS rules book defines a team member as a member of bench personnel who is in uniform and is eligible to become a player. (4-34-4)

Based on this definition, many officials believe that when more players are listed in the scorebook than are on the court during warmups, the scorer should erase any team member listed in the scorebook that is not on the court.  By doing so, this will ensure the number of players present and in uniform will match what is listed in the official scorebook.

While this rationale is certainly understandable, the four IAABO Co-coordinators agree this is not the spirit and intent of the rule.  

It is our opinion, the NFHS would not support assessing an administrative penalty for a team member who wanted to participate in a game who arrived late to the contest.  The NFHS supports inclusion and encourages students to participate in a variety of education-based activities. A student might be late to a basketball game because they are participating in another school activity e.g. a band concert, an SAT/ACT test, a Scholar’s Bowl competition, etc.

We recommend officials allow schools to have all their team members listed in the scorebook.  When the Referee checks the book, if there are equal or more team members listed in the scorebook than those who are present in the game, there should be no issue.  
The Co-coordinators have added this issue to the list of items we wish to verify with the NFHS.  In the meantime, if you encounter this situation, allow a team to have the extra names listed in the book.   

Mark Your Calendars

The IAABO Spring Meeting will be held April 6 – 10, 2022 at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront located at 6600 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, Maryland. 
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Rules Quizzes
(Answers are located at the bottom of the page)
NFHS Edition
1. In facilities without a red or LED light behind the back board, the audible timer’s signal shall indicate that time has expired.  True or False?
2. If the ball is in flight during a try or tap for field goal, the quarter or extra period ends when the try or tap ends.  True or False?
3. In facilities with a red or LED light behind the backboard, each quarter or extra period ends when the signal illuminates.  True or False?
4. A1 excessively swings their elbows and does not make contact with B1. The official rules a technical foul on A1.  True or False?
5. A1’s try is in flight when A3 excessively swings their arms and elbows without making contact with any Team B players.  The try is successful. The official rules a violation on A3 and disallows the goal.  True or False?
Men's Collegiate Edition
1. A2 makes a drive to the basket , B1 a secondary defender establishes his initial guarding position within the RA area. Contact occurs, the Lead Official rules a player control foul and the Center Official rules a Blocking Foul. This should be interpreted as a double foul. T-F
2. What are the two approved mechanics for signal sequences for an RA blocking foul:
a. Fist in the air, point to the RA, signal block.
b. Fist in the air, signal block, point to RA.
c. Both a and b.
3. A secondary defender is considered to be in the RA when any part of either foot is in or above this area. T-F
4. Low post player A5 spins by defender B5. B4 comes from the weak side and establishes initial guarding position within the RA. A5 continues to drive to the basket and stops, and while in control of the ball, leans into and contacts B4. The Lead Official rules a player control foul. T-F
5. A3 takes a 15 foot jump shoot that is successful.  The official scorer records a “3” field goal. Is this a error or a bookkeeping error
Women's Collegiate Edition
1. The AP Arrow shall be located at the scorer’s and timer’s table to indicate team possession for the alternating possession procedure. T-F.
2. Team A has an AP throw-in, thrower-in A4 commits a “5” second throw-in violation. Team B will receive the ball at the original throw-in spot and will obtain the AP Arrow. T-F.
3. An AP throw-in ends when a player other than the thrower-in legally touches the ball on the floor, inbounds or out of bounds and when the throw-in team violates. T-F
4. A1 drives to the basket and B1 flops on the play, A1 trips over B1. The Lead Official rules a blocking foul on B1. T-F
5. A5 is performing a  AP throw-in that is located in the back court. A4 pushes B4 to get open before the throw-in ends. Team B will receive the ball at  spot of the foul and they will obtain the AP Arrow as well. T-F
International Edition
1. A1 is in his/her act of shooting when B1 commits an unsportsmanlike foul on A1. The try is successful. A1 is awarded two (2) free throws with no players lined up and Team A will receive the ball at the throw-in line. T-F
2. The basket that is attacked by a team is the opponents’ basket. T-F
3. The basket which is defended by a team is its own basket. T-F
4. The center line is considered to be in the front court. T-F
5. A1 is wearing a white head band and A2 is wearing a red head band on the playing court. This is permitted. T-F

Hometown Sports: D'Orazio was a big-time
referee with big-time heart

Hometown Sports Michael Muldoon  Jan 5, 2022
Haverhill’s Joe D’Orazio refereed scores of big games from the Merrimack Valley Conference to Big East games with legendary players like Georgetown’s Patrick Ewing and a slew of legendary coaches like John Thompson, Jim Boeheim and Rick Pitino.

Brian Martin of Windham has been a top local official for 33 years. He gives a huge amount of credit to D’Orazio, who died on Dec. 26 at age 84.
“He helped a lot of the young local referees,” said Martin. “He watched me do a Haverhill High game and spent a couple hours with me. He had all kind of notes written down. My God, I was shocked.

“The next week I had a full schedule from the Middlesex League and Greater Boston League from one of his contacts, Bill McDonald. When Joe called, people listened. He was bigtime. He was the man.”
In 2009, D’Orazio was honored as a 50-year member of International Association of Approved Basketball Officials (IAABO).  Click here to read more.

Foul play: Video of Tennessee representative trying
to ‘pants’ referee at basketball game

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. — A video we obtained shows a Tennessee state representative attempting to pull the pants of a referee down at a high school basketball game Tuesday.

Tennessee representative Jeremy Faison attended a basketball game at Providence Academy in Johnson City, Tennessee, who was playing against Lakeway Christian Academy.

He was caught trying to pants a referee at the game, as the video below shows:  Click here to read more. 

72-year-old Referee assaulted during
children's basketball game

KING COUNTY, Wash. (KOMO/WKRC/CNN Newsource) - A Washington man has plead not guilty to assault charges against a referee at his son's basketball game. Click here to read more.

Michigan man who punched local referee  
sentenced to six years in prison

PADUCAH — Keyon Menifield was sentenced to six years in prison Wednesday after accepting a plea deal for punching a sports referee in McCracken County almost three years ago.
Menifield was a coach for a team in Michigan at the time.
In court Wednesday, Menifield took full responsibility, saying he's trying to move on from the mistake. He said his crimes don't define him, and he deeply regrets what he did.   Click here to read more.

Don’t agree with the referee’s call?
 Opportunities available to come grab a whistle
CLAREMONT — Now that the fan restrictions have been relaxed, the crowds are back and its great to see games with spectators. Getting to be able to know a few officials and be on the sidelines for so many games has opened my eyes to what they do and what goes on from the far side of the field with the crowds.
Let me begin by saying that there is a significant need for officials in both New Hampshire and Vermont as age and the lack of new people joining the officiating ranks is troubling. I will not mention any names but these dedicated folks are invaluable to us and I used a few chats I had for this piece.
Being able to see so many games it gives a different perspective to me than when I was a parent watching my kids play. Click here to read more.

RefQuest is an online platform for high school.  It was developed for basketball officials, by basketball officials. The creation of RefQuest provides a resource for referees to collaborate. This technology has been advanced by the RefQuest visionaries and utilizes world-class programmers who have made the platform user friendly, intuitive and provide unmatched value. 
IAABO and RefQuest have teamed up to provide another great resource to the members of both organizations. IAABO's core mission is "to educate, train, develop, and provide continuous instruction for basketball officials." RefQuest provides new and exciting technology to help reach that goal. 

If you would like to participate, please send an email message to
deppley@iaabo.org and include your name, email address and board number. 

Sportorials Writers Wanted
Dust off your writing skills; IAABO is looking for members to submit articles for publication in SPORTORIALS.  We are specifically looking for rules-based articles and human interest stories involving our members.  If you have the time, we have a dime for your efforts.  Actually, we have several dimes.  In other words, we don’t expect anyone to write for FREE.  Authors who have articles that are printed will be compensated.
Please send your submissions to deppley@iaabo.org

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Calling All Good IAABO Citizens
So many of us impact our communities and our world for the better.  IAABO would like to highlight many of the good deeds our officials have done throughout the year. We want to emphasize our belief in being good corporate and community citizens in the areas where we live and work.  So, whether it be a random act of kindness or an organized volunteer effort, no good deed is too big or too small!  Trust us, we’ll be humble so that our officials can be proud.  Send your email to IAABO @ info@iaabo.org  and tell us about a good deed you did this year.
Some examples include:
  • Rescued a puppy
  • Bought lunch for a stranger
  • Organized a fundraiser
  • Volunteered at a homeless shelter
  • Donated blood
  • Shoveled a neighbor’s driveway
  • Helped a friend in need

IAABO University
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Apply to be a High School Official!
Make a difference in your community and become a high school official. #BecomeAnOfficial. Click here to read more.

The NFHS is currently offering free officiating courses on their website @ NFHSLearn.com. 

Officially Human; Behind the Stripes LLC (OH) was founded by Brenda Hilton as a grassroots effort to "humanize" sport officials in all sports at all levels. Brenda has spent close to 20 years working with sport officials and coordinators at the DI level and grown to appreciate them for all they do for our youth and young adults. OH is currently working with 12 high school associations (with more on the horizon) across the country to survey officials at that level, gathering information to take back constituents and participating states in hopes of building a nationwide campaign. To date, 16,000+ officials have shared thoughts and ideas on how to address the issue. 
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Answers to Quizzes
1. True-1-14
2. True-5-6-Exception-1
3. True-1-14
4. False-9-13-1-3
5. True-Casebook-9.13.1 Situation A
Men's Collegiate
1. False- A.R. 265. 
2. c- CCA Manual-16.B-Page-98.
3. True-4-31.
4. True-A.R. 106. 
5. Bookkeeping-2-9.16
Women's Collegiate
1.  True-1-20.
2. True-6-3.7
3. True-6-3.2
4. True-10-4.4
5. False-6-3.8
1. False - Article 37.2.2, 
2. True - Article 1.2
3. True - Article 1.2
4. False - Article 2.2, 2.3
5. False - Interpretation 4-1, 4-2.
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