The IAABO Charitable & Education Foundation, Inc. was established in 1982 with the principle objective of supporting IAABO Inc. in the instruction and education of individuals of all ages in the various facets of basketball officiating. Their emphasis is to support the training of individuals that are looking to become IAABO members, as well as to assist current IAABO members looking to increase their skill level in basketball officiating through completion of attendance at a certified IAABO school. The Foundation is a registered, nonprofit corporation operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation accepts donations and grants to help support their initiatives. Listed below are those that have had a ‘Foundation ‘Chair’ established in their name:

Richard Antonelli, Bd. 27 (MA)
Jack Barclay, Bd. 8 (CT)
Edward Baehr, Bd. 20 (ME)
Glen Colello, Bd. 9 (CT)
Dean and Dennis DeAngelis, Bd. 6 (CT)
“GiGi” DeAngels, Bd. 200 (GA) *
Louis DeGeorge, Bd. 194 NJ
David DeYoung, Bd. 800 (CBOA)
Stephen Donahue, Bd. 9 (CT)
Shawn Donovan, Bd. 9 (CT)
Sandra Forand, Bd. 194 (ON)
Barry Fuller, Bd. 21 (ME)
Roger Gautrau, Bd. 9 CT
Felix Addeo, Bd. 33 NJ
John Bellanti, Bd. 53 (NY)*
Bob Bernier, Bd. 8 (CT)
Charlie Bloodworth, Bd. 200 (GA)*
Ray Brown, Bd. 28 (MA)
Dr. Ron Brown, Bd. 4 (CO)
Haywood Bullock, Bd. 40 NY
Ted Butcher, Bd. 26 (MA)*
Mark Byron, Bd. 20 (ME)
Jack Cahill, Bd. 36 (NY)*
Peter F. Carroll, Bd. 9 (CT)
Edgar Cartotto, Bd. 33 (NJ) (2)*
Wilbert P. Cingolani, Bd. 54 (MA)*
Charlie Cook, Bd. 130 (MA)*
Connecticut State Board No. 5
Vincent Cronin, Bd. 27 (MA)*
Dominic Cuccinello, Bd. 33 (NJ)*
“GiGi” DeAngelus, Bd. 200 (GA)
Emilio Diotalevi, Bd. 208 (MA)*
James J. Dorsey Jr., Bd. 26 (MA)*
Jim Dorsey, Bd. 4 (CO)
Danny Doss, Bd. 225 (VA)*
Jack Doyle, Bd. 27 (MA)
Alice and John Doyle
Thomas Emmanuel, Bd. 60 (NY)*
Louis Engle, Bd. 23 (MD)
Donnie Eppley, Bd. 70 (PA)
Bill Evans, Bd. 157 (MD)*
Edward Ferrigno, Bd. 8 (CT)*
Lou Filippetti, Bd. 9 (CT)
Gerry Flynn, Bd. 44 (MA)*
Philip S. Fox, Bd. 12 (DC)*
John Frabotta, Bd. 208 (MA)*
Paul “Frosty” Francis, Bd. 6 (CT)*
Phil Fromuth, Bd. 67 (PA)
John Fouchet, Bd. 119 (NY)*
Nick Gaetani, Bd. 37 (NY)*
Bob Gamble, Bd. 12 (DC)
Joe Gaskin, Bd. 41 (NY)*
Gordon Gfroerer, Bd. 53 (NY)*
Joe Gintoli, Bd. 9 (CT)
Robert Grant, Bd. 127 (NY)
Howard Green, Bd. 52 (NY)
Stuart Greenburg, Bd. 9 (CT)*
Tony Haley, Bd. 117 (NH)

The New Hampshire and Massachusetts Boards present a Foundation Chair in honor of Past President Dennis J. Murphy. Shown Left to Right, Dennis Ordway, Mike Pelletier, Tony Haley, Dennis Murphy, John Rafferty and Bob Benjamin.


Walt Rusak, Bd. 33 NJ (left), presents a check in the amount of $1,000 to Bill Varno, Foundation Trustee, in memory of Edgar Cartotto, Bd. 33 NJ.


Peter Carroll, Chair, IAABO Foundation,
presents a Foundation Chair to Larry Machione, Bd. #208 MA


Peter Carroll, Chair, IAABO Foundation, Tom Lopes, former IAABO Executive Director, Nelson Ribon, IAABO Executive Committee Members, Bd. #194 NJ, and Richard Johnston, Bd. #194 NJ President


Haywood Bullock, Bd. 40 NY, is awarded a Foundation Chair. (L to R) – David Smith, Bd. 4 CO, Jack Sweeney, Bd. 40 NY,
Haywood, and Bill Varno, Bd. 36 NY)

Dennis Millevoi, Bd. 194 NJ and IAABO Life Member along with Louie DeGeorge, Bd. 194 NJ member, IAABO Life Member and IAABO Past President, accept IAABO Foundation Chairs. Dennis was presented the Foundation Chair by the New York State Boards and Shawn Donovan, Chair, Audit & Budget Committee. Louie was presented his chair by the Addeo Family. Shown in the photo (left to right) are Dennis, his wife, Carol, Sandy Amato, and Louie.


Peter Carroll presents Foundation
Award to Craig Zysk, Bd. #9 CT


Peter Carroll, Chair, IAABO Foundation, presents a Foundation Chair to Tom Sportini, Bd. #9 CT


Bill Varno, Chairman, IAABO Foundation, presents a Foundation Chair to Willie LA Jones from the IAABO Black Caucus

Al Halliday, Bd. 20 (ME)*
Mike Hammond, Bd. 27 (MA)
Peter Hansen, Bd. 54 (MA)
Art Harmon, Bd. 194 (NJ)*
Robert Harper, Bd. 70 (PA)

Dennis Herbert, Bd. 211 (ON)
IAABO Past Presidents
John Karo, Bd. 54 (MA)
James “Buddy” Keaton, Bd. 37 (NY)
Dan Kosoff, Bd. 13 (GA)*
Bernie LaFortune, Bd. 44 (MA)
Patricia Laing, Bd. 192 (CAN)
Bill Loftus, Bd. 26 (MA)
Donald J. Lomme, Bd. 9 (CT)*
Paul “Jacky” Loube, Bd. 12 (DC)
Jon Lowe, Bd. 95 (MA)
Hank Luzzi, Bd. 10 (CT)
Dick MacKenzie, Bd. 105 (VT)
Kitch MacPherson, Bd. 112 (CAN)*
Massachusetts IAABO Past Presidents
John Mazzarini, Bd. 27 (MA)
Jamie McCaig, Bd. 107 (ON)
Gerald McGrath, Bd. 6 (CT)*
William “Skip” Mortimer, Bd. 54 (MA)
John Nucatola, Bd. 41 (NY)*
Timothy O’Brien, Bd. 44 (MA)
Stewart Paxton*
Walter Phillips, Bd. 129 (DE)
Tony Pianowski, Bd. 55 (OH)*
John Purvis, Bd. 42 (NY)
Tom Reese, Bd. 244 (MD)
John Reider, Bd. 70 (PA)*
Dennis Russell, Bd. 200 (GA)*
Henry Ryan, Bd. 28 (MA)
Anthony “Tony” Sabella, Bd. 52 (NY)
Jerry Salvato, Bd. 168 (NJ)
Gene Schaaf, Bd. 102 (ON)
Dr. Alvin Schalge, Bd. 4 (CO)*
Mike Schorn, Bd. 67 (PA)
Jack Schroll, Bd. 40 (NY)
A.W. “Tony” Senopole, Bd. 77 (PA)*
Josephine Senopole*
George “Pete” Sheehan, Bd. 95 (MA)*
Roger Sheridan, Bd. 105 (VT)*
J. Dallas Shirley, Bd. 12 (DC)*
David Smith, Bd. 4 (CO)
James Stark, Bd. 40 (NY)
Jack Sweeney, Bd. 40 (NY) (2)
Don Thorne, Bd. 210 (ON)
Nick Urzetta, Bd. 60 (NY)
Rocky Valvano, Bd. 41 (NY)*
Bill Varno, Bd. 36 (NY)
Dr. Ken Walker, Bd. 84 (RI)*
Peter Webb, Bd. 111 (ME) (3)