Denver: Fall Seminar Site
The annual IAABO fall interpreters seminar was held at the Denver Marriott Tech Center, Denver, CO, September 8–11. The conference was very well attended with over 75 boards sending representatives. To list all Colorado Board 4 members who played a role in this extremely successful seminar is not (see Denver 2005)
IAABO Examinations

The 50-question applicant’s examination will be given either Monday, November 7 or Monday, November 28.
Board Secretaries have been mailed information with return sheets included to signify to the (see exam)
Refresher Exams 2005–06 All board secretaries and individual members have been sent copies of the 2005/06 100-question Refresher
Examination. (see notice)
2005–06 Basketball Rule
A–1 is fouled by B–1 late in the second quarter. It is a common foul and the seventh team B foul. The bonus situation is not recognized by the scorer or the officiating crew and the team A coach substitutes A–6 for A–1. A–6 is beckoned onto the floor and A–1 goes to the bench. The scorer (see interpretation)
E-court has proven to be a tremendous aid to officials and interpreters alike. If you have had the opportunity to review your 2005–06 IAABO Handbook, you have noted the addition of a 3-person color mechanics manual. The slides utilized to produce the manual are available for purchase from the IAABO office. This is being made available for those who prefer an overhead (more e-court)
Points of Emphasis
The NFHS Basketball Rules Committee continues to be concerned with player, coach and fan
behavior. While administrators continue to focus on solutions, it is imperative that all parties involved accept responsibility and improve behavior. Specifically, the committee (go to interpretations)
NCAA Mechanics Changes 2005–
The Collegiate Commissioners Association has made the following mechanics changes for the 2005-06 season: The mechanic for an intentionally kicked ball has changed. Officials will not reset the shot clock for a kicked ball, as was previously the case. If the shot clock is at 15 seconds or less then 15 when the (see NCAA)
Members Selected for Highest
Four IAABO members have been named to receive the highly coveted “Life Member Award.” The recipients of the organization’s highest award for the 2205–06 membership year include Henry “Hank” Luzzi, (see life members)
2005–2006 NCAA Rules Clinic

Dr. Ed Bilik, NCAA Rules Editor, and Dr. Henry (Hank) Nichols, NCAA Coordinator of Officials, reviewed the 2005/6 NCAA Rule Changes and Points of Emphasis at the annual NCAA Rules Clinic on Saturday, October 15 in Philadelphia, PA. A very informative powerpoint presentation and video reviewed the new (go to clinic)

Unfortunately, there has been a printing error in this year’s NFHS Basketball Officials Manual. The wrong text got dropped in on p. 70–71, item No. 342 (No. 232 was incorrectly repeated (see errata)
Comments on Rules
Jerseys/Pants/Shirts Prohibited From Being Removed (3–4–15, 10–3–7h, 10–4–1i): A team member is prohibited
from removing his/her jersey and/or pants/skirt within the confines of the playing area. The penalty is a technical foul. The former uniform rule didn’t require team members to actually wear the team uniform. This addition also addresses a growing (go to rules comments)
IAABO Ref School
This year, IAABO has developed a new learning tool to support the official certification classes held around the country. It is a new software program called IAABO RefSchool, and provides our officials and applicants with an at-home study tool to assist them in preparation for the applicant exam as (see IAABO refschool)
Prepping for the Big One
One of the reasons basketball officiating on the East Coast is as strong as it is, according to John Cahill, is the influence of IAABO. A member of IAABO Board 36 NY in the Albany area for over 30 years, Cahill credits much of his success at the Division I level to IAABO (see prepping)
Gerald McGrath Obituary
IAABO is deeply saddened by the passing of Gerald T. “Gerry” McGrath, IAABO Past-President and Life Member of IAABO Inc., and Secretary-Treasurer and Commissioner of Bd. 6 CT for 25 years. Gerry graduated from Meriden High School (see complete obituary)
Frosty Francis Obituary
Paul W. “Frosty” Francis, Jr., IAABO Executive Director for almost 20 years, resident of West Hartford, widower of Barbara I. Francis, passed away on Sunday, September 18, 2005, at Hartford Hospital. Born in Middletown. “Frosty” was a graduate of (see complete obituary)
Bd. 54 MA Officiates Special
Twenty-four officials from IAABO Bd. 54, Plymouth County, MA, assigned by rules interpreter John Karo officiated the Special Olympics State Tournament held in Worcester, MA (see officials)
Officials and Fitness
Many officials may make the case that they use the exercise during officiating to get into shape. Actually, just the opposite should be occurring. Officials should be in shape to meet the challenges of the game (see fitness)
2005–06 Major Rule Changes
JERSEYS PROHIBITED FROM BEING REMOVED (3–4–15, 10–3–7h, 10–4–1h) A team member is prohibited from removing his/her jersey within the confines of the playing area Penalty is a technical foul Intended to be applied in all situations: Due to blood and other unusual (see rule changes)
Membership Services
Tired of being lectured at your interpretation meetings? Enhance your meetings by showing a videotape from the IAABO Tape Library. Tapes are an excellent way of sharing officiating perspectives of other top officials and clinicians from around the United States (see membership services)
LaFortune Will Be Among Next
Class of GHS Hall of Fame
Bernie LaFortune, Secretary-Treasurer, Bd. 44 MA, was named to the Gardner High School Hall of Fame. Bernie spent his senior year as a member of (see hall of fame)
Col. Bob Sigholtz Obituary
IAABO Inc. conveys its condolences to IAABO Bd. 12 and the family of Col. Robert “Bob” Sigholtz. a long time Bd. 12 member and a highly decorated veteran and hero who fought with distinction (see obituary)
Samaritan Rescues Two This past summer a rip current at Seabrook Beach took a 9-year-old boy and an adult woman quickly into deep water, according to the boy’s grandmother. Both were rescued by a bystander, said Margaret Penkus of Seabrook. “This man immediately swam out to our grandson (see story)
IAABO Lines IAABO Lines brings members up to date on recent losses, get-well wishes, and other personal affects of IAABO members. (see IAABO Lines)


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