2004 Fall Seminar on Cape Cod
Massachusetts State Board 15, hosted a very informative and enjoyable Fall Interpreter’s Seminar at the Sheraton Hyannis, in Cape Cod, MA. Under the leadership of (See Story)
Training Variables (Part 2)
In this issue, we will finalize our breakdown of the F.I.T.T. (Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type) Principle as it relates to cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and flexibility. The final two variables of the principle, time and type will be explored more closely. (Go to Article)
Selected Comments on NFHS

CONTRASTING COLORED LINES DELETED (1–5–2, 1–13– 2): Deletes the requirement for contrasting colored lines for the lane spaces/neutral zone with the lane boundary lines and for the coaching box line to contrast with the boundary lines.(See Comments)
The Correct Ruling
Situation #1. Airborne A–1 has released the ball for a try for goal and then fouls B–1 before returning to the floor. B–2 blocks the ball on its downward flight above the level of the ring, outside the cylinder with a potential of entering the basket.(See Rulings)
Legal Lines—“It’s Only a Rec
League Game”
Too many officials, high school and college assignments are looked upon as high visibility assignments, where they are under a magnifying glass lest the watchful eyes of supervisors, assignors and athletic director types catch them in a lapse of judgment or rules knowledge. Often, these same officials, when working underclass (See Article)
2004–05 NFHS Basketball Rule In-
Situation #1: During A–1’s attempt to pass to A–2, B–1 (a) intentionally uses his/her thigh to deflect the pass; (b) intentionally kicks the ball with his/her foot; or (c) accidentally hits the ball with his/her
lower leg. Ruling: In (a) and (b), there is a kicking violation and team A will (See Interpretations)
The lead official may administer a sideline throw-in when the designated spot is below the free throw line extended. The lead official shall remain on the endline and shall bounce the ball to the thrower (See Illustrations)
For Tim Higgins, Refereeing Is an
Itinerant, Fraternal Lifestyle
He kneels behind the scorer’s table at Providence’s Dunkin’ Donuts Center, every eye in the building tracing him in a mixture of impatience and anticipation. He watches the video replay on the tiny courtside monitor for the 10th time. Again he sees Texas guard P.J. Tucker leap from the foul line, the scoreboard clock hit 0, the leather leave Tucker’s hand and, finally, the pulse of red light above (See Story)
Rules Comparative
National Federation and NCAA 2004–05 Rules Differences (See Chart)
Summer Success at IAABO Camps
“I can’t believe the level of basketball—wow!” “There’s no way I’d see that many games at that level of play in an entire season where I’m from.” “I can’t wait for winter basketball to start.” “I think I got a year’s worth of experience all in one week.” “I’m definitely coming back next year and the year after that too! (See Article)
William Charles Evans Obituary
On Sunday, September 12, 2004, at Peninsula Medical Center in Salisbury, MD, William C. (Bill) Evans, IAABO Life Member Board 157 MD passed away after a valiant battle with cancer. As an IAABO member, Chair and Assistant
Chair of many committees, Bill was the backbone of IAABO on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. His passion (See Story)
Membership Services
interpretation meetings? Enhance your meetings by showing a videotape from the IAABO Tape Library. Tapes are an excellent way of sharing officiating perspectives of other top officials and clinicians from around the United States with your local board. The tapes shown (See Services)
IAABO Manual Message IAABO, through our office, has a great deal to offer Interpreter’s in their effort to enhance instruction for prospective officials classes, for conducting professional improvement clinics, and in leading review sessions for veteran officials. If you do not take advantage of these aids, it is a disservice to your membership. (See Message)
IAABO Lines Two members of the 50-year club that were inadvertently not included in the last issue of Sportorials. Charles Hudson, Bd. 134 MD, joined IAABO in 2001 and Larry Mitchell, Bd. 117 NH, joined IAABO in 1954. (See Lines)