Midseason Review These midseason notes are the result of questions and observations compiled during the first few weeks of the season. They have been observed by or shared with the IAABO office or the Coordinator of Interpreters. The questions and observations have come from many sections of the country, both within and outside of the IAABO community. Specific entries may not apply to each reader, but the notes can positively serve as reminders to all. (See Article)
Spring Meeting in New York The 2005 IAABO Spring Meeting will be held in Verona, New York, April 28 th through May 1 st , 2005. New York Boards 38, 51 and 59 are hosting the meeting and are anxious to provide everyone with an enjoyable and rewarding weekend! Meeting headquarters will be at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino (Go to Information)
Olympic Official
As a 16-year-old in his native Puerto Rico, Jose Carrion had never played basketball. But that didn’t stop him from beginning an officiating journey that has taken him to the top leagues on the island, the 2004 Olympics and NCAA Division I Men’s basketball. Driven by a desire to become involved in the sport, Carrion began (Go to Article)
IAABO Ecourt It is frequently observed in high school officiating that the recognized high school mechanics are deficient. The high school official utilizes mechanics they deem fashionable. These unauthorized mechanics are copied from men and women NCAA mechanics as well as NBA and WNBA mechanics. If the games are different, the rules are different, why must the high school official attempt to make the mechanics the same. In an attempt to educate, please take into consideration the following situations illustrated with (E-Court)
Rules Revisted Last month this play was sent to the IAABO office. In followup discussions with many officials, it appears there is a misunderstanding of the applicable rule. Oftentimes we overlook certain sections of the rules that do not get a lot of
attention at clinics and interpretation meetings. This play may help refresh your recollection! (See Rules)
Proper Mechanics A great deal of attention has been given to officials who wear the Precision Timing Device that stops the clock immediately when the whistle is blown. How do we know this, you ask? It is because the majority of officials who do not wear the PTD pack and who do no (See Mechanics)
Reflections Why do players fall down “acting as if charged”? Why do players (defense and offense) use a hand(s) to feel opponents outside of their view? Why do players, when “boxing out” shooters or other potential rebounders, put their rear into an opponent and push them back? Why do players (defense and offense) place a forearm or hand(s) on an opponent while defending or trying to progress? (Go to Reflections)
Top 5 Missed Questions A–1’s throw-in is tapped into the backcourt by A–2, who is in the frontcourt. A– 1 is the first to touch the ball in the
backcourt. Official rules this a backcourt violation. Is the official correct? No—Rule 4 Section 12 Art 6, Rule 9 Section 9 Art 1 A backcourt violation results when, after a team has gained control
(See IAABO Exam Top 5)
Stepping into the Backcourt 3-person officiating and techniques associated with it undergo constant changes and adaptations. This is nothing new! Over 40 years ago, IAABO officials participated in a three person experiment in the Southern Conference. The Southern Conference Supervisor of Officials, B.W. Hackney Jr., wrote the following article for Sportorials. I am happy to share with the entire country, through the IAABO Sportorials, our experience (Step into the Backcourt)
Interpreters' Conference Call A conference call involving more than 40 IAABO Interpreters was held on Sunday, January 23. A lengthy discussion focusing on a variety of topics was conducted by Coordinator of Interpreters, Peter Webb. Each interpreter was invited to participate and address rules, mechanics, and play situations. It is expected that Interpreters will have additional material to provide to members on a local level. After sharing views and perspectives a second conference call will be held at the end of February. Topics of discussion included (Attend Conference)
Crew of Three If indeed crew of three coverage is going to service the game better, then officials must consider the following: Terminology hat Is an Absolute Must (See Crew of Three)
2005 IAABO Camps IAABO has entered into a partnership with the Police Athletic League to conduct an officials’ school in cooperation with the PAL National Championships in Lexington, KY, the last week in June. Other schools with “To Be Determined” are so noted as specific dates have not been forwarded by the organizers of the particular camps. They will be posted on the IAABO website when (Go to Schools)
IAABO Lines IAABO Lines brings members up to date on recent losses, get-well wishes, and other personal affects of IAABO members. (See IAABO Lines)