Mid-Season Review No matter how many years one has been officiating basketball, there is always a need to review and freshen up on the rules. Rule changes, points of emphasis and our own forgetfulness require us to stay in tune with what is happening. We can never assume that it is easy or there is no room for improvement. Click on Review to see about some important areas that we face daily in our quest for that “perfect game.”
Spring Meeting The Annual Business Meeting of IAABO will be held in Orlando, FL April 15 to 18, 2004. IAABO Past Presidents will host. All meetings will be held at the popular Grosvenor Resort Hotel and Convention Center in Lake Buena Vista, Florida directly across from Disney World. Click Meeting for more information.
Take Away the Baseline IAABO has received innumerable questions concerning the Editorial Change in Rule 4–23. This editorial change was a result of a question proposed to the Visualization and Education Committee by an IAABO member. See Article.
Nominating Committee Letters of nomination for the IAABO Executive Committee, containing relevant background information on potential nominees, should be submitted to Chair Bill Varno. Five copies of such nominations and supporting data must be postmarked no later than March 15, 2004 for consideration for that year. Attention by the Nominating Committee will be given only to those nominations that meet these criteria.Click Committee to view the members.
Notice of Proposed Amendments to the Constitution Pursuant to Article XI of the IAABO Constitution, amendments to the Constitution were approved by the Constitution Committee at the Fall Meeting, in Hershey, PA on October 3, 2003. In the event the Propose Change is approved by the Executive Committee at the Spring Meeting in Orlando, FL, the amendment will be presented to the International Assembly of the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials, Inc. on Sunday, April 18, 2004 at the Grosvenor Resort Hotel in Orlando, FL.
Points of Emphasis
When reviewing rules, we frequently pay less attention to Points of Emphasis. They are not addressed in a comprehensive manner because the end result is not a “Rule Change.” As these points are normally circulated by a brief list, please find a complete explanation of the 2003–04 “Points of Emphasis” by clicking on Points of Emphasis
Legal Lines There is no time like the present to review those sections of the rules, casebook, and officials’ manual that deal with player safety. While you’re at it, make sure to review all of the following areas of rules and mechanics with your partners for a safer officiating experience—for you and the players!
The Make or Break Official As officials move up the rank of the officiating ladder, they often become settled in and maintain a comfort level in their conceived “pecking order.” Some become dissatisfied with their classification and exercise due diligence in enhancing their position and eventually “make” it to the next level. Whether high school jv, varsity, or the collegiate ranks, they strive to make the grade. See Make or Break Official
Airborne Shooter in Slow Motion Catchphrases such as “protect the shooter,” “referee the defense,” “legal guarding position as it pertains to the airborne shooter,” “take it in the torso,” and “the defender didn’t have two feet on the floor” are familiar sayings for the official to contemplate when ruling “is it a block, or is it a player control foul?” See Article
Officials Choice, Inc Click Mid Season Specials to view great savings from the Official's Choice
Camp Brochure When contemplating those summer camp plans, IAABO has added some new outstanding offerings to its list of terrific choices. Team camps at Northeastern University in Boston and Kutztown University near Allentown, PA (100 miles from New York City) round out the excellent lineup. IAABO will be returning to the team camps at Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach, SC, University of Rhode Island in Kingston, RI, Mt. St. Mary’s College in Emmittsburg, MD, and the AAU National Championships in Orlando, FL. Information is now available for IAABO's summer instructional schools. Click Brochure to view and print out the 2004 information.
The “C & E” Folks of IAABO In the last Sportorials issue we explained that the IAABO Foundation was chartered in 1982 as a separate entity whose sole purpose is to perform Charitable and Educational works—so we’re the “C & E Gang” of IAABO. The Charitable works programs include “IAABO Officials for Special Causes,” and “Send a Ref to Camp” while the Educational programs include “Advanced Training for Basketball Officials Seeking Advancement,” “Training the Trainer,” “Promoting Sportsmanship with Coaches, Players & Fans” and “The Best Seat in the House!” See Article
Nowhere To Run There’s no place to hide when you’re a Section 1 basketball referee, no corner of the gridiron to duck off into, no breaks between pitches like you have in baseball, no glass to deaden the unreasonable audible of the multitudes, no instant replay to bail you out of a bad call. See Article
Stepping Into the Backcourt “Stepping into the Backcourt” is a new feature of IAABO Sportorials. It will take you into the archives of IAABO and share interesting facts about the history of IAABO and basketball officiating. Anyone with a note-worthy story or knowledge of historical information relevant to IAABO, please contact the IAABO office at iaabo@erols.com
IAABO Lines IAABO Lines brings members up to date on recent losses, get-well wishes, and other personal affects of IAABO members. (See IAABO Lines)