2004 IAABO Fall Seminar—Cape Cod, MA

The 2004 IAABO Fall Seminar will be held in beautiful and scenic Cape Cod, MA, September 23 through 26, 2004. Massachusetts State Board 15 is hosting the seminar, and they are ready to provide everyone with an enjoyable and rewarding weekend! (Continue)

Webb Name Interpreter Coordinator At the annual Spring Seminar held in Orlando, FL, IAABO Past President Peter Webb, Bd. 111, ME, was named the Coordinator of Interpreters for the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials, Inc. (IAABO). Peter will be (See Appointment)
Annual Meeting Schedule
2004 Fall Meeting Schedule (2004 Fall Meeting Schedule)
Annual Meeting Registration Forms 2004 Fall Meeting Registration Forms (2004 Fall Meeting Schedule Registration Forms)
Punctuality!!! When the official came running through the door 10 minutes late for a game, his apologies couldn’t diffuse the athletic director’s incendiary rage. Hurriedly pulling off his/her coat and running onto the floor at the first dead ball exacerbated the already sensitive state of events. The official was dumbfounded and couldn’t understand (See Stroy)
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IAABO E-Court As stated in the June–July Sportorials, the National Federation of High Schools Manual Committee changed the foul reporting procedure in a game officiated by a crew of three. Beginning this season, the foul reporting official will take a position tableside after reporting a foul in the designated foul reporting area. This designation was instituted to aid in “more meaningful dialogue and communication” with coaches and the scorer’s table.at (See E-Court Diagrams)
Training Variables In the last issue, we discussed the components of a fitness program (cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and flexibility) as well as ways to vary these components. This issue focuses more intensely on the training variables of frequency and intensity for each of the components.(See Story)
2004 IAABO Officials’ Schools Over 100 additional officials attended three new venues at the 2004 IAABO Officials’ Schools. The University of Northern Colorado, Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, and Northeastern University in Boston, MA, served as the sites for the new IAABO schools. Roughly 100 high school varsity and junior varsity teams attended the three team camps held in conjunction with the IAABO schools. The competition was excellent at all three venues. (Continue)
IAABO In Action The Past Presidents used to wear “orange” blazers as their identifying mark. When they appeared in public as a group, people would ask, “Who are you?” They would reply the “IAABO Band.” They did draw a lot of attention. They had no instruments; just a lot of experience in IAABO. In 1994, the color was changed to maroon, with less attention drawn, but (See IAABO in Action)
Refs Make “Call” To Support Troops Pennsylvania military units in Iraq and Afghanistan can expect a shipment from Carlisle soon. They will get sports and recreation gear from the Central Pennsylvania Basketball Officials Association. About 40 people, including a dozen referees, their families and their friends, gathered over the (See Story)
NCAA Crew of Three Mechanics Manual Points of Emphasis 2004–05 The Committee has decided to maintain the three-person system with no major changes. However, the manual will include these points of emphasis which will make the system more efficient (See Points)
IAABO Lines IAABO Lines brings members up to date on recent losses, get-well wishes, and other personal affects of IAABO members. (See IAABO Lines)
Letters to the Editor Wanted to thank you for all of your help and guidance for the Disney camp. I really had fun and learned a lot. I worked with some great officials which made things less stressful. Everyone that observed and critiqued my games (See Letters)