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Spring Meeting in New York The 2005 IAABO Spring Meeting will be held in Verona, New York, April 28 th through May 1 st , 2005. New York Boards 38, 51 and 59 are hosting the meeting and are anxious to provide everyone with an enjoyable and rewarding weekend! Meeting headquarters will be at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino (Go to Information)
Evening With Michael Feinstein No contemporary artist captures the essence of popular music like Grammy-nominated Michael Feinstein—“America’s Ambassador of Song.” A pop vocalist, composer and arranger, Feinstein has released 20 albums and has sold out shows worldwide. There are essentially two Michael Feinsteins. One is a super-suave pianist and crooner, musical scholar and archivist (See Michael Feinstein)
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Academic Slacking
At its meeting on January 10, the Division 1 Board announced stricter limits regarding academic reform under which athletic teams will be subject to contemporaneous penalties for harboring student-athletes who are academically
ineligible which results in poor graduation success rates. The Academic Progress Rate (APR) will be the benchmark to measure all participating institutions. A team whose APR score (Go to Article)
IAABO Ecourt With the attention placed on rules and game management, we frequently overlook areas that have a significant impact on the game. When addressing free throw administration, officials overlook or ignore protocols that should be more strictly enforced. For instance, as the lead official is preparing to bounce the ball to the free thrower the horn sounds when an opponent rushed to the table to be beckoned into the (See Ecourt)
Jump Stop

The term jump stop is a catchphrase that is utilized to define player movement as a result of a player catching the ball while moving or dribbling. It means exactly what the term implies: the rule allows the player moving on the court some latitude in coming to a stop. Jump off of one foot, land simultaneously on both feet and stop! There is no leeway for any additional steps to be taken. By giving the moving player (See Jump Stop)

Keys to Contact

Basketball is a contact sport. Legal contact is incidental and should be ignored; illegal contact is a foul and must be called. To understand contact and its impact on the game, the official must become familiar with the “Tower Philosophy.” Oswald Tower was a member of the basketball rules committee for 50 years. The four major points of his philosophy are (See Keys to Contact)

The Limits of Travel

Traveling is governed by a definition and a whole lot more There are limits of movement outlined in Rule Four
The travel call can be much easier when simply put Make not the call if you know not the pivot foot The foot movements may look different and difficult to see Watch each player in the warm up and easier it might be When the player receives the (Go to Limits of Travel)

Referees Put on Notice

February was not a great month for referees in Men’s Division I basketball. Earlier this week, Hank Nichols told them so. Nichols is the national coordinator of basketball officials for the National Collegiate Athletic Association. After watching about 3 weeks of rough post play, coaches roaming out of the coaching box and players going over the back to get rebounds, he fired off a bulletin to his referees. “I kind of got after them and said that they’ve slipped in what we were supposed to be doing and what they’ve done all year,” Nich (See Put on Notice)

Life Membership Many years ago five men started out on separate journeys into uncharted waters, not knowing where their travels would take them and where and when those journeys would end. The men did not know each other, they lived in different parts of the country, their ages and backgrounds varied greatly, but, as they would learn later, they had so much in common that even though they lived apart they were bonded together for life. (Go to Life Membership)
Special Olympics As the regular season ends for most officials, a special season begins for some.Wrong! Many of you may think that I’m referring to the State High School Championships, the NCAA tournament or maybe even the NIT. The special season is more significant than the others. It is the season for basketball officials to give back to the Special Olympics. Many area tournaments are gearing up, enabling special athletes to compete in skill competitions,
3-on-3 tournaments and some (Attend Special Olympics)
2005 IAABO Camps IAABO has entered into a partnership with the Police Athletic League to conduct an officials’ school in cooperation with the PAL National Championships in Lexington, KY, the last week in June. Other schools with “To Be Determined” are so noted as specific dates have not been forwarded by the organizers of the particular camps. They will be posted on the IAABO website when (Go to Schools)
IAABO Lines IAABO Lines brings members up to date on recent losses, get-well wishes, and other personal affects of IAABO members. (See IAABO Lines)