IAABO Spring Meeting in Florida The IAABO Executive Committee and Past Presidents Club is excited to host the annual IAABO Spring Meeting in Orlando, FL, one of the top meetings destinations in the world. Great meetings start with a great destination like Orlando. (See Story)
Tower Philosophy
I remember the very first time I was asked to make a presentation at the IAABO Interpreters Seminar; it was in Orlando, FL. My topic that Friday morning was the “Tower Philosophy”
Annual Meeting Schedule
Annual Meeting Schedule, Grosvenor Resort, Orlando, FL, April 15–18, 2004
Registration Forms Annual Meeting Registration Forms
Life Membership/Avis Registration Forms for the Life Membership induction and Avis rentals
In the Pursuit of Excellence Should I go to an IAABO camp? If you were to ask some officials they would share the following: “The benefits are significant,” “I feel more confident about my ability,” (See Story)
Send a Ref to Camp Answer quickly—The 2003–04 season is over, are you happy, sad, or don’t care? If you answered “happy” or “don’t care” then this article isn’t for you.
Foundation Scholarships The IAABO Charitable and Educational Foundation, Inc. is committed to broadening the scope and quality of its educational program and supporting the membership by providing the premier educational materials and training opportunities for the basketball officials throughout the world and, in particular, our aspiring membership.
NCAA Update The NCAA Executive Committee, meeting at the NCAA Convention, ruled that the three-point line will remain at its current distance (19 feet, 9 inches from the center of the basket to the outside edge of the three-point line), for all three divisions.(See Update)
The Confidence Factor Confidence is an enormous factor that determines the level of success for a basketball official. This is also true for anyone pursuing an ambitious endeavor in life, such as climbing a mountain, a team’s depth chart, or the corporate ladder. But building confidence in one’s self requires an indeterminable amount of time, especially for those who officiate the intense, fast-moving, and complex game of basketball. (See Story)
Off-Season Training The most successful athletes in the world achieve their goals not only by what they do on the field or court during the season, but also by how consistently they maintain their training program off season.
Future Seminar Dates See Dates
Stepping Into the Backcourt “Stepping into the Backcourt” is a new feature of IAABO Sportorials. It will take you into the archives of IAABO and share interesting facts about the history of IAABO and basketball officiating. Anyone with a note-worthy story or knowledge of historical information relevant to IAABO, please contact the IAABO office at iaabo@erols.com
I Must Have Been Straightlined
A common maxim looms over each official’s head every game he/she officiates. “I was straightlined” is the declaration of choice. Whenever a play is missed in the primary coverage area it is easy to find that easy scapegoat, “I was straightlined.”
John Bellanti Obituary John Bellanti, board 53 President for 10 years, Past President and Life Member of IAABO, died on February 7 after a lengthy illness.(See Obituary)
1st Ann. Sheridan/MacKenzie Award IAABO Board 105 (Vermont) presented the first Sheridan-MacKenzie Award for lifetime contributions to high school basketball to the family of the late Lenny Drew in ceremonies at Montpelier High School.
Notice to all IAABO Members Rosters for the 2004–05 basketball season have been mailed to all IAABO Board Secretaries. It is their duty to update these rosters for next year and return them to the IAABO Office prior to April 15, 2004, along with $35 dues for each member.(See Notice)
Traffic Violations “In the Right Lane" There is a change that is both interesting but true. The numbers in the lane spaces must not exceed four plus two
Be diligent and observant to avoid violations and those red faces. (See Traffic Violations)
IAABO Officials’ School Application See the 2004 choices for Officials' Schools
Letter to the Editor Mr. Loube: Received my copy of Sportorials today and read your column. “Take Away the Baseline.”
If the player “runs along the endline partially or completely out of bounds” (See Letter)
IAABO Lines IAABO Lines brings members up to date on recent losses, get-well wishes, and other personal affects of IAABO members. (See IAABO Lines)